Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Liar, Liar

Took a break from scrapbooking and the latest needlepoint project to head down to the office to pick up a new parking sticker. Management is revamping assigned parking to put folks closer to the building in which they reside, and residents of each building had an assigned day to learn of their new spot and pick up a parking sticker.
Today was the pick-up date for those in my building.
On the way out, ran into Next Door Neighbor returning from getting her sticker, and very happy was she. She’s got a sweet handicapped spot in the carport directly across from the end of the walkway.
I’d noticed before that she always parked in a handicapped spot, but don’t know the nature of her disability. It’s not anything visibly obvious, she’s never mentioned a disability, and I’ve never asked.
At any rate, my spot is exactly 100 steps from my front door, and though that sounds like a lot, it’s not actually, when you consider I've got stairs and a roundabout walkway in the mix -- and yes I've counted as I include those steps in my fitness routine.
I like the spot and I’d made it clear to management when all this revamping was announced, and on multiple subsequent occasions that “you’d better not move me”.
They didn’t.
I’m still good.
Not so much with Day 17 of no A/C and, with cooler weather, the inability to open the windows to let in fresh air because the portable A/C's are blocking access, and there’s been no word from management.
So, while in the office, I asked, “Have you people forgotten about me? It is now 17 days with no A/C”.
The Community Manager’s face took on a deer-in-the-headlights look.
I’m beginning to really worry about her. She looks frightened, helpless, pitiful.
The Head Maintenance Guy took over and said, “I’ve been calling the guy. He keeps saying he’ll get back to me then he doesn’t, but you’ve got the portable A/C's.”
He can’t possibly be rationalizing my having portable A/C's as being an excuse and end to the problem, thought I.
“Yes, they’re making the situation bearable, but the A/C needs to be fixed. If I were a weaker senior, I’d be dead already.”
That’s me pulling the age card.
“Well, I’ll call him again and, if he doesn’t respond, I’ll call someone else.”
“I should hope so.”
Popping into the Community Room, seeing it was somewhat chaotic because today is Pizza Tuesday and Activity Director was not coordinating the event, I sat down, observed for a while and chatted with The Seer.
When I told her the Head Maintenance Guy said he’d been calling the guy, she blurted out, “That’s a lie. He’s lying to you. He’s done no such thing. He hasn't called anyone.”
All of a sudden, a light went on and I knew she was absolutely correct.
That’s why I call her The Seer, because she seems to see things coming before they happen and has the ability to see through BS when it’s happening.
The Head Maintenance Guy is the young fellow I’ve described in previous blogs as being lazy, slow and unmotivated, so of course I should have known he’d dropped the ball and done nothing.
I personally cannot abide a liar, so it’s time for me to go nuclear.
We’re having a Residents/Management meeting this Thursday and, after the fiasco of the last meeting -- declaring I’d never attend another, I’m taking that declaration back, plan to attend and put the lack of resolution of the A/C on blast.
Hopefully our Community Manager and Assistant Manager can cowgirl up and attend this time but, even if they don’t, I’ll put whoever does show up on the hot seat.
No resolution after that, and I’ll contact their direct supervisor at Corporate.
Office staff does not like the Corporate Boss Lady, they're all afraid of her, but oh well.


  1. You need to point out the deaths in the old folk's home in Florida due to no AC to your office management. Let them know that if anything should happen to you during these hot spells, that there are people who know you don't have AC and that there would be some bad press, and maybe even criminal charges, coming their way.

    1. I did tell that unmotivated fool that had I been one of the weaker seniors I'd be dead already. That Florida thing was horrible, especially since there was a hospital across the street.