Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Waiting Game

So it looks like the Head lazy slow unmotivated Maintenance Guy is playing the waiting game with me, insofar as retrieving the two Portable A/C’s that got me through the triple digit heat wave.
Now remember, HE didn’t offer a portable the first three days when the inside heat fluctuated between 90˚ and 94˚. Portables popped into my head, when the first A/C guy showed up – the one who wanted to repair the entire unit, but said the parts had to come from Texas and Texas was under water. It was I who had to request a portable in order to make remaining in the unit bearable.
The A/C was repaired 19 days after it went down, and only because I’d asked for Corporate Boss Lady’s email address to rat Maintenance Guy out for not moving his butt, after which the A/C was promptly repaired the very next day. That was the 16th. Would you believe, the two Portable A/Cs are still sitting here.
I think Maintenance Guy is trying to annoy me.
Nice try, buddy boy.
Instead of giving him the satisfaction of making me bug and beg him to come get them, I’m using them as furniture.

Front Room Portable A/C

Bedroom Portable A/C
Right now, they're racks for books and magazines. If I don’t eventually use them as plant stands, I’ll move stuff around in the patio storage area and move them in there.
I can hold out as long as you can buddy boy, cause I’m older, I’ve got more experience in outwitting/outplaying, and I'm retired, while you're the one that has to keep a job.
The guy is earning himself quite the reputation around here, and it's not good. He's so lazy that, when one of the residents lost her key and was locked out of her unit on a Sunday, when the office was closed, she called him on the emergency line, asked if he could come over from his unit on the property and let her in, he told her to "Call a locksmith". The reason he's been supplied a unit on the property IS to make him available for emergencies.
Another millennial who can't be bothered, doesn't want to work, doesn't think he has to earn his paycheck.
I image he won’t come for the portables until the annual Corporate Boss Lady’s walk-through. Maintenance always gets on its game about seeing nothing is wrong in any of the units when that time rolls around. However, if the portables are in storage by then, Maintenance Guy won’t even see them to remove in advance and, when Corporate Boss Lady shows up, I’ll be sure to tell her about the two portables in the storage area.
Other than that, it’s business as usual around here.
The seniors have had and are having quite a few activities, all of which I’ve had to pass on because of my gut issues – spaghetti dinner, pizza party, hot dogs added to the movie night menu and they’re scheduled for a day trip to a casino in San Diego.
The seniors do love to gamble.
When I declined movie night, adding turkey dogs to the menu was offered as a bribe, but even those now cause a little stomach distress, so I passed.
And when I explained, “I don’t enjoy gambling. I’m not lucky”, it was suggested I could walk around and explore San Diego instead.
Yes, but what fun is that if you can’t eat anything while out and about.
I even had to pass on my annual meditation retreat because of the food issue.
I hope this gut thing will eventually pass, because it’s really cramping my style.
Flu shot out of the way, Creative Memory photo albums all caught up, next on my planner is qualifying for the third 5K in the hashtag series.

I usually aim for twelve challenges a year. To date I’ve completed 16, and I’ve registered for three more before end of year – two turkey trots and a virtual Halloween.
After the Gold Digger 5K is off my list, next is to put the car in the shop for regular maintenance.
I’m dreading it. Not because I didn’t respond in glowing terms to a Satisfaction Survey a while back, but because my car is old, a 2004, and older cars get no respect at the dealership. I show up on time, they let my car sit in a corner a few hours before getting around to servicing it. Last time, I sat for 5 hours as I saw other customers, who arrived after me, come and go.
That’s the main reason why, when I do buy a new car, it won’t be from this dealership.
In fact, I think I’ll mention that when I get a Satisfaction Survey on this next appointment. If it’s another long wait, I’ll point that out as a reason to go Jeep next time instead of GMC.
Lastly, I received a reply to the Customer Service nightmare at the credit union Yelp. "I'm so sorry for your experience. We'd love to help make this right. Please give us a call at _______ and ask to speak with our VP of Branches. He's aware of your situation and would love to help.”
No point to it. I’ll stick with my bank but, hopefully, thanks to the Satisfaction Survey and Yelp Review, and the fact the issue has reached the ears of the VP, the outcome is that Loss Prevention Guy won’t play God with another customer. That's all I wanted was to clip his balls a little bit.

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