Tuesday, December 15, 2015

When in Doubt, Throw it Out

That adage may work with refrigerated items, but it doesn’t work with de-cluttering projects.

Usually, when I start tossing stuff out, there comes a future time when I have regrets about getting rid of this that the other. Not this time. I feel very comfortable with everything I tossed and gave away except a tiny little package of blue beads I came across.

Looking at the beads, I couldn’t think of a reason to keep them … Why do I even have these? … where did they come from? … what can I possibly use them for?

I tossed them out.

So it was just yesterday when I put the final stitches in the framework of that never ending needlepoint project.

All that’s left to do are embellishments.

Looking at the diagram, I see I have to backstitch and french knot feathers into a headband, do some outlining, hang fringes on the shawl, attach beads to the ends of the fringes …. Wait!



Oh, oh.

Can you believe I’ve held onto those beads for ten months, since February, and ended up tossing them not two weeks before they were needed? Actually, I've held onto those beads for longer, almost two years, because I originally started the project in 2013, put the project aside, picked it up again in 2015, could not figure out what was what because I'd been away from it too long, purchased a fresh canvas and restarted in February 2015.

Fortunately, I did a little research and found I can purchase similar beads, Swarovski Crystals, at Joann’s Fabrics. So all is not loss, but lesson learned … when in doubt, don’t throw it out.

On this, the 15th Day of Kathy’s Christmas Cheer Project, I found myself  in Fontana, parked in front of a tree which cried out for an ornament.

Sierra Lakes Village

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  1. That sounds like something I would do--throw it out right before you need it! Hand-palm to forehead.