Monday, December 14, 2015

Joke’s on Me

Headed down to the office around 10:30 this morning, to sign up for the Christmas Party – which I learned yesterday might be worth going because it’s catered, I got a text message from granddaughter. She needed a ride to a doctor’s appointment. 

I turned away from the office, headed to the carport, picked her up, got her to the appointment, waited in the parking lot AND spotted a nice tree, next to physician parking, where I performed my fifth Random Act of Christmas Cheer.

On the way back to the complex, we stopped at a Walmart near her doctor’s office because 1) She needed a few things and 2) Though I keep saying “I’m done” looking for pattie pies, I thought, “Why not check”.

The manager at this location was a very friendly woman. She tells me, “We had a shipment of 500. They sold out justlikethat”.

She did say, however, pattie pies are still in production, so there’s a possibility another shipment will come in and, “I can’t promise you, but if you give me your number, I’ll let you know … but I can’t promise.”

This being the closest I could get to a hookup, I gave her my name and telephone number, which she entered into her cell phone.

So now, instead of searching for, it’s become a waiting game.

It’s either meant to be or not. I’m fine with either way.

Returning to the complex around 1:00, I headed to the office to take care of signing up for the Christmas Party, only to find I’d missed the cut off by one hour. The food order, based on however many signed up, which she wouldn’t tell me how many, was phoned into the caterer at noon; no more residents can sign up.

Even though it looks like the joke’s on me, I can’t but take this as a sign, a sign that the first plan to not attend was the correct choice. I mean look at how it played out …. I was headed down to sign up around 10:30, granddaughter ran interference, divine interference or otherwise, who knows, but I didn’t get back until after the cutoff.

Too odd not to be a sign.

Since I was in the area, I took a look at the Christmas Trees.

They’re looking pretty good.

The one in the Community Room went from looking like a bunch of old people threw it together, to a little better, to someone turning it pretty fabulous.

The one in the entryway went from the old people doing pretty good, to someone also turning this one to pretty fabulous as well.

Nurse Ratched told the old people she was picking up a live tree for the Game Room -- for them to also decorate I imagine. However, she never followed through, that third tree never materialized, and the old folks said they're done decorating anyway.

I think they might be a little miffed at someone (Nurse Ratched?) redoing their work.

Along about 3:30, the guy from the Fire Department showed up to do his inspection of smoke detectors.

“Feels very good in here. Makes me want to kick off my shoes and take a nap” says he.

Hmmmm. Not sure what to make of that but, had he been taller and better looking, I would have told him to stop by when off duty.

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