Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Small World

Since the October 31st Halloween 5K, I’ve only suited up once to head out for a walk.

No reason. Just that every time I thought about suiting up, which includes all the extras utilized to support my weak areas -- knee braces, ankle braces, special walking socks, I became exhausted just thinking of having to put all that stuff on.

I came up with a strategy this morning that, when dressing for the day, I would henceforth automatically add support gear, thinking it would encourage me to get out and walk since I already had the gear on.

It worked.

Along around 10 a.m., I went down to check the mailbox, looking for a package which should have arrived last week. It wasn’t there, so instead of heading back upstairs to work on that needlepoint project, I drove to a local park, where I put in some miles.

I was all alone in the park, but it’s in the middle of a neighborhood surrounded by homes, so I felt safe. UNTIL, a black car, with windows so tinted that I could not see who was driving, pulled up to the curb, parked and the occupant did not get out.

I’d originally assumed it was someone coming to walk or run in the park, but when the driver did not get out, I became suspicious it might be one of those pervert who expose themselves when a female walks by the car.

Taking a route through the park, away from where the black car was parked, I returned to my car and ended the walk at 2 miles.

Once back at the complex, I saw the mailman making deliveries. Anxious for that package, I waited in the Community Room for him to finish.

While waiting, one of the residents told a funny story about how her now deceased husband was elected to be a pallbearer, ended up at the wrong funeral, acted as pallbearer for a man associated with a bunch of young bikers … all the while thinking, “I didn’t know James knew these kinds of people.”

One can only image the attendees were thinking … “I didn’t know James knew any old black men.”

The Seer then mentioned her son -- a police detective in another state, flew in for a visit last night and was out exercising at the park.

There are just two parks in the area, so a light bulb went off and I asked, “Is your son driving a black car?”


I told The Seer about the car, and how I’d gotten nervous because the driver never got out.

“Oh, that wasn’t him. He wouldn’t do that. He’d have gotten right out and started running around, unless he was on his phone”.

A little while later, The Seer stood up because she saw her son’s car reentering the complex.

I looked and ... “That’s the same car I saw at the park”, says I.

A few minutes later, The Seer answers her cell phone. It was her son.

Now keep in mind, she was on her phone, so I was only privy to her side of the conversation.

“Son, when you were at the park, did you see a lady walking with braids.”


“You scared her”


“She thought you were a pervert.”


“Because you didn’t get out of the car.”


“Why were you sitting there so long?”


Once she ended the call, I never did get a clear answer as to what he was doing sitting so long in the car, other than “My son is deep. He’s into a lot of things.”

Meditating perhaps?

At any rate, his being a detective and all, I’m sure he’ll understand my caution, but what are the odds ... The Seer’s son.

Elsewhere on the complex, when the now out-of-a-job maintenance man and his wife went down to the office on Monday to find out about a unit they’d been told was being made available for them, they encountered Nurse Ratched, who insisted, “I never told you that”. He said the Assistant Manager was present when Nurse Ratched had told him about the unit but, being as how she's spineless and afraid, backed up Nurse Ratched ... "We never told you that".

Residents, who’ve experienced similar instances of, “We didn’t tell you that … You never gave us that” have warned us all, more than once, “in dealing with the office, get a copy, get it in writing, record the conversation”.

I’ve never ever seen out-of-a-job maintenance man as angry as he was today, when telling me, “I’m getting the hell outta here!”

He and his wife have plans to move out tomorrow and in with their son until they find an apartment.

So sad. Christmas decorations gone, items in boxes.

I just don’t get how people who lie, and are cruel to others, can justify their actions and live with themselves.

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