Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

This, the last day of 2015, ended on a high note.

First of all, I had no worrisome dreams about relatives and thus was able to sleep until almost 9:00.

Then, I’ve been having decent results with brewing my own coffee, instead of running to Starbucks every morning, but it never seemed quite as tasty as what I get at Starbucks. Having just finished that pound of Christmas Blend, I’d purchased a pound of House Blend, which was this morning’s blend. It turned out PERFECT!

So I was two for two before I even got the day started.

The beads needed to finish that needlepoint project did not arrive in yesterday’s mail, as the seller had supposed, but they did arrive in today’s mail.

The seller sent me not just one packet, but three. More beads than I’ll ever need but, inasmuch as they’re so tiny and difficult to replace, I’ll be hanging onto these beads for like forever.

I stopped by the Community Room to see what the folks were up to, and to see if the flat screen had been stolen yet.

I say “yet” because the shady looking guy who lives with those dark aura strange women came into the Community Room yesterday, spotted the flat screen and commented, “Oh, they set up a television.”

After he left, we all looked at each other and, just as I was about to say “Well, the television will be gone by tomorrow”, The Baker took those precise words out of my mouth.

So far, the television is still there.

While in the Community Room, Apache surprised me with a Christmas gift.

I don’t think he has any designs behind it, as he also gave a gift to The Seer and one other resident that I know of. But I do believe there was thought behind what he gave us, as The Seer was given slippers, the other woman was given Polo Cologne – which I thought was for men and, his having overheard a conversation where I was telling the girls that this weather is drying out my skin, he gave me lotion with shea and cocoa butter.

I asked about his luminaries, and how he handled setting up with the heavy winds. His solution was battery-operated luminaries, weighted down with cat litter – stressing the cat litter was clean.

Lastly, I managed to get my hands on organic masa harina so, instead of the usual New Year’s Eve good luck meal of black eye peas, rice, cornbread, I tried something different. I made tamales but filled them with black eye peas and rice.

They turned out great!

So this last day of 2015 has been totally excellent.

My moon has evidently moved out of kaka and 2016 is looking good.


  1. Happy New Year to you, too. Your tamales look awesomely yummy.

    1. They were the best yet. Even better than chicken tamales.

  2. We had corn and green chili tamales for dinner on New Year's Day. They were not hand made, though. Yours looks very tasty.