Monday, December 7, 2015

If Looks Could Kill

De-cluttering projects all done, carpet shampooed, not registered for any 5Ks, last few days have been craving sugar, needlepoint, checking news for latest findings on the area’s terror attack.

We’ve gone from a nothing community to having the eyes of the world upon us. Even the President and Donald Trump have weighed in.

THEN, last night, I get a text message about shots being fired, shoppers running and screaming from Tyler Mall.

Turns out that incident was a smash and grab but the climate is now such that, henceforth, thoughts are going to go immediately to “terror attack” and two new words I never expected to hear used in this part of town … Shelter-in-Place, Lockdown.

I experienced my own brand of terror this morning when I went down to weigh myself on the scale in the Game Room.

After twenty-seven weeks off sugar, not even cravings, the cravings are back full force and, for the meantime, I’m no longer fighting it. So, looking for motivation to stop the madness and get back on track, I headed down to weigh myself and ran right smack dab into Nurse Ratched.

I didn’t say anything to her, she didn’t say anything to me but, instead of looking past me and through me, which is what she usually does (when her boss isn't around and she's not pretending to be friendly), she gave me a look of pure evil, hatred, a drop-dead death stare.

I’m not kidding. I’m lucky to be alive.

The seniors are heading to the casino tomorrow. Before they take off, I’ll have to check in to find out what’s going on.

Though the look was directed towards me, I’m sure it’s not about me. She’s upset about something. I’ve not seen the new Maintenance Supervisor around for a while. I assumed he was not around because of the holiday but perhaps she’s upset because he quit already.

I’ll have to check.

There’s also the two Christmas trees that need decorating.

Is she upset because she doesn’t have anyone to task with the project?

I’ll have to check.

While downstairs, I checked the sign-up sheet for the Christmas Party. Only three people have signed up.

Is she upset about that?

I’ll have to check.

At any rate, I was unable to get to the scale. There’s Christmas stuff in the way.

So maybe I'll indulge myself for a day or two more.

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