Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Moon in Kaka

According to postal service tracking – which I now pay attention to and watch like a hawk, that needlepoint pattern I reordered, just for the beads, was to be delivered yesterday.

In an effort to keep an eye on Mr. Infallible doesn’t make mistakes mailman, I went down around the time he usually gets to this complex and waited for his delivery, so I could catch a mistake right away, rather than ten days later.

Keeping an eye on him is not easy because he has walls, and I don’t mean walls in general. I really mean “walls” … literal concrete walls.

My read on him is that he’s a bit puffed up with his own self-importance -- unapproachable, takes himself too serious. Consequently, instead of approaching him directly last week, as one would with their friendly neighborhood mailman, his being not exactly mean, but seeming strict and unfriendly, sent me to the post office instead.

Receiving no feedback after that visit, I took a chance, approached him directly the next day and gently suggested he made a mistake and the recipient of that mistake was not honest enough to come forward. He dismissed that theory with “That doesn’t happen”, meaning he doesn’t make mistakes.

Okay, fine.

Expecting that needlepoint pattern, I knew enough not to push my luck, approach him yet again to alert him a package is expected so he’d be a little more alert. That positively would have resulted in his feeling insulted, interpreting it as harassment and going verbally postal on me.

So instead, I went down around delivery time and waited out-of-sight.

That’s a thing for him … residents waiting around for mail; thus, I waited out-of-sight.

Mr. Infallible also doesn’t like residents entering the building through the door by the mailbox when he’s doing his thing, and really doesn’t like residents being too friendly and chatting him up. To make sure that keep away message gets across, he blocks the door leading out of the building past the mail boxes with an orange cone, and he blocks entry to building through that door via the pathway in front of him with a sign.

This is one serious mail man.

Ensuring no one bothers him, doesn’t stop him from making mistakes however, so what’s the point. Also, when he takes time off and we get different mail personnel, none of them employ keep away cones and signs.

In the end, it worked out this time, as he got delivery right insofar as my package.

Once back in the unit, I opened the sealed brand new kit and removed the contents.

Everything was as it should be, except … there were no beads.

Can you believe it?

This is what I call my moon being in kaka (poop), when things don't go right, the universe appears to be working against me.

I’ve contacted the seller.

She will provide me with beads.

But really, can you believe the luck – a brand new kit with something omitted, and that being the one thing I need.


  1. How did you do with the earthquake?

    1. Being as how we're on a fault line, was so strong that scared the bejeebers out of me. Everything rattled and shook. Nothing broke, but can fell from cabinet. After shock was just as strong, and we had another quake this morning. Time to stock up on water and batteries. Did you feel it out your way?

  2. Meant to make a comment about the mailman's note. When we lived in a high-rise in San Francisco, the mailroom was on the first floor, and a very small space for over 100 apartments. The mail person always put a sign like this at the doorway when they were delivering mail. I can understand their reasoning. People get in the way, the mail person only has a certain amount of time to get the work done and be on their way, people could take mail that didn't belong to them. I would go on my way and come back later. Never did see the actual mail person to know if they were male or female. We have a female postal delivery person at our Fresno home now. We have to refer to her as the mail lady when we see her coming.