Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Low Hanging Cheer

So does it count when the Random Act of Christmas Cheer is hung on a bush rather than a tree?


Stuck indoors yesterday due to the all day rain, plans to get errands out of the way before the crazies were on the road driving erratically in a frantic last minute Christmas crunch, and scout a place to hang a bulb, were put on hold until today.

Sure enough, folks were driving too fast, too close, cutting in and out of traffic, backing out of parking spaces without looking for pedestrians, but I made it back to my area safe and sound.

Stopping first at the Thai Place, to treat myself to Pad Kee Mau for lunch (and dinner as portions are large), I stopped by the market.

Stepping out of the car, I saw I was parked right by a bush and could hang the bulb without being seen, which I did as I was leaving.

The bulb being so low, I was sure it would be spotted and removed right away.

No sooner had I backed out of the parking space, snap a long-view photo, than another car pulled in. I positioned the car to where I could see if he/she would remove it.

A store employee exited the vehicle and, so focused on getting to work, did not even notice it. So there’s a good chance the bulb will remain until she gets off work, heads to her car door, spots and removes. If she gets off work after dark, there's a possibility it will last until tomorrow morning.

So errands run, pantry and freezer stocked up through the next few days, hopefully I won’t be called upon to get up and out until the madness is over.

Not expecting I’ll have anything to post next few days, I'll take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Merry.


  1. I think that leaving an ornament ANYWHERE in a public place gets credit. I like the unusual places.

    1. Great! I'll count it as a win in the cheer department.

  2. Your photos are so much more vibrant than mine! What a difference green leaves make.

    1. Really? I always thought yours were better and wished I had more than just a cellphone, but I'm glad you like them.