Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Exercise With a Purpose

Last few days have been spent cycling around London without leaving my unit.

I’d been rather lax with my indoor cycling since Fat Tuesday’s Mardi Gras 5 Miler. No reason other than the bling being offered wasn’t sufficient to motivate me into activity. That is until I received email on the 14th with the subject line “Your Favorite Detective is Here! Sherlock Holmes Race is Live” and I saw the medal.
Couldn’t register fast enough, and it was a good thing I reacted so quickly because the race sold out within a day or two.
I’ve never seen a virtual sell out before.
I guess Sherlock IS everyone’s favorite detective.
The race was a quickie, only 22.1 miles. Not a great distance. A distance that can be completed in one day, one ride … but not by me. Not wanting to overtax and kill myself, I broke it up into four days, four rides. Finished this morning, logged it in, so another medal for the board should be arriving soon.
In a way, completing in days rather than in one shot is better because participants receive Photographic Mile Markers to reflect which landmark was reached at that day’s login point, had the participant actually been cycling around in reality. Completing in one shot, you’d only see your start, finish, and miss the interesting sights in between -- like my Day 2 Mile Marker.

“A statue of Sherlock Holmes by the sculptor John Doubleday stands near the supposed site of 221B Baker Street, the fictional detective's address in London.”

Though I’ll probably spend time on the indoor bike, to burn calories between now and then, my next actual race isn’t until June – the Never Say Die 5K (walk 3.1 miles) and Pedal for the Medal (cycle 20 miles).
On tap for remainder of the day is to try my hands at a new recipe – Chicken Curry with Lentils.
Tomorrow is the Residents/Management meeting. No one has any issues that I know of so, unlike when mean incompetent Nurse Ratched was the Community Manager and the natives were out for blood, this should be a quick and civilized session.

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