Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Found Treasures

At Monday’s big reveal of the Pain Cave’s renovation, I saw that partner’s office had been demolished to expand the workout area. He and Trainer are now sharing an office in the back.

While working out that day, the corner of partner’s desk caught my attention. I don’t generally pay attention to such things, so I’m beginning to think reading Dawn the Bohemian’s blog, is causing me to develop an eye for what she calls “found treasures”.

Curious, I stepped into the area at the end of my session for a closer look, asked and got permission to take a photo.

The desk appears to be like the roll top oak desks I’ve seen in very old movies.

”If your partner ever wants to get rid of this, you should buy it” said I to Trainer. “I think it might be valuable ... something an art dealer/interior designer would be interested in”.

What do you think Dawn? Am I developing an eye for found treasures ... did I nail it?

And btw, I noticed partner has got his bases covered, what with the buddha on the desk and the No. 9 (good fortune) No. 1 (new beginnings, freshness) No. 2 (cooperation/balance, as in the yin and yang).

Interesting how partner is into drawing good chi to himself, but not sharing this with Trainer; and it may be Trainer is just not interested, thinks it’s all hog wash. In which case, what Trainer thinks doesn’t matter because, sandwiched between my good chi and partner’s, Trainer is reaping the benefits.

Elsewhere ─ even though a strange car is still in Assistant Manager’s parking stall, and even though I haven’t physically seen her or Complex Manager, I have it on good authority both are back in the office.

No explanation as to where they’ve been for two weeks, but the timing suspiciously coincides with the CDC recommended quarantine period of 7-14 days after a person is exposed to someone who is symptomatic or has tested positive for COVID-19, so I’m going with that.

Assistant Maintenance Guy (AMG) is still out. Covid must be kicking his arse, because it didn’t take this long for Head Maintenance Guy to recover from his diagnosis.

Ironic, isn’t it, that staff locked the office as protection from our infecting them, and they end up infecting each other and/or having to quarantine under threat of having infected each other.

Walking into the Pain Cave this morning, not expecting to see a mirror to deflect the badly located treadmill ... and I didn't, there was no mirror, I’d taken the precaution of slipping into my pocket the Stone I received from Debra at She Who Seeks for participating in her fun tin foil hat contest.

It evidently helped, as I walked away from this morning’s workout unscathed ─ no backache caused, no doubt, either by a discordant spirit who saw an opening last time to hit me in the back or stress from worrying that I was facing a wall.

I had a mean spirit ghost push me to my knees once.

Living in Long Beach at the time, I was walking along the beach path, passing the gated entry to the boat landing. All of a sudden, I felt a shove, lost my balance, fell to my knees. As there was no one anywhere near me, I knew it was a mean spirited spirit. As to WHY me, I figured he was racist, didn't like a Black girl living her life, walking by his landing, while he was stuck in the netherworld. LOL.

Didn’t stop me from taking that same path several times after, but I was careful to silently, mentally, address the gate guardian, saying I was on to him, that shoving me was mean because I wasn’t bothering him, and never had another incident.

True story ... and I’ve got others.


  1. Me too. If I had room, I'd be interested. Refinished, it would make a great computer desk/makeup counter.

  2. Interesting about the desk. A friend in IL was downsizing from a 3 bedroom ranch on an acre to a 55plus Continuing care unit ( 2 bed 1 bath)...She hired an agency which sold your household stuff, her special oak rollmop desk in absolutely perfect condition went out for only $50. Terribly sad.

    1. Sounds like she was taken advantage of. They probably resold it for big bucks.

  3. The poinsettias and roll of toilet paper is a nice touch! Bwahahahahaha!!!

    That roll top could be expensive depending on the wood used, and how old and the construction techniques like how the joints are made.

    1. If you're interested, I don't think the toilet paper comes with the desk. We're in a pandemic. You'd have to pay extra for that. ROFLMAO! Also, the Lysol spray is extra.

  4. Just for you. Norm Abrams - How to make a roll top desk.

    1. Waaay too much work. He should have just purchased the demo desk.