Monday, September 30, 2019

Miss Popular

Awakened at 3:55 this morning by beeping from my nemesis the smoke detector.
At least this time it had the decency to go off on a day staff is expected to be on hand, albeit six hours before staff actually began work.
At any rate, further sleep out of the question, I began my day, and thought of last time the smoke detector acted up ─ how the beeping stopped when I pulled out the stepstool in preparation for disconnecting the little sucker. Mike had commented the beeping stopped because “the stool changed the airflow in the area of the smoke detector”.
Worth a try thought I.
So, I once again positioned the stepstool under the beeping smoke detector AND ... would you believe, within 15 minutes the beeping stopped.
That’s some weird stuff.
And speaking of weird, because I’d ordered Apache’s birthday present from No. 45’s store, their database considers me a fan and, since the latest scandal, I’ve become Miss Popular with 45 inviting me to breakfast, asking about me, addressing me on a first name basis.

I’m even hearing from Newt and Jr.

It didn’t stop there, I received a survey asking if I’d vote for him in 2020.
My reply ─ “Freak No”.
Another survey asking to rate his performance ─ options being great, good, okay, other.
Of course, the rating was “Other”, which required an explanation.
My explanation ─ “He’s sick. Get him some help”.
I can easily cut off communication by marking as spam, but I’m having way too much fun getting an insider’s view.
Fun that is until he himself calls me out on Twitter and sic’s his dogs on me.
And speaking of fun, yesterday (Sunday) was another 5K medal for the wall.

This one was too convenient to pass up ─ just down the street, at the University.
Spotted my friend the Archeologist in the crowd.

At the starting point, was a big furry husky.

This in spite of the sign at the gate.

Also seen at the starting line.

Though I pretty much took my time on the course ─ listening to music on the iPod, enjoying the scenery, the timer at the finish line showed a respectable finish time.

After the race, there was music by a live band.
I got a kick out of watching the old guy on keyboard.

So I’m off this morning to the Pain Cave, after a stop by the office to request maintenance on the now no longer beeping smoke detector.
But, before I go, there was further communication from 45 this morning.

I’ve yet to hear from Melanie, Jared or Ivanka.


  1. I going to have to stop hacking into your smoke detector and setting it off... na, this is too much fun.

    And on my blog today I have some stickers you might like.

  2. You did well!
    Shocked to see the "big" fellow next to #612, was he really going to run?

    1. He walked, and you'd be surprised how fast the little legs on guys like that can move. LOL.

  3. OMG your 45 e-mail popularity is hilariously outrageous! And I'm so glad you're having such Fun with it! *ROFLMAO too!* Congrats on your latest Medal.

  4. Interesting to read that you and the President are now BFFs :-)