Wednesday, September 11, 2019

From Bad to Worse

Just when I thought the chaos and confusion, caused by management’s misdirection on parking instructions during the paving project was over, management made things worse.
Today being my day off from the Pain Cave, thinking it wouldn’t be smart to move the car, run errands until Friday — when the paving project on the North End was over, I stayed indoors, chillin, relaxing, catching up on recorded television projects, working on the needlepoint projects.
I’d assumed the South End, where I park, would take place next week and us residents would get noticed in advance.
But nooooo.
Along about 2:30, a resident in another quad knocked on the door to say I’d better move my car because management had posted No Parking/Tow Away signs on our side, and all the places to park on the other side were mostly already gone.
If she hadn’t gone out of her way to alert me to the situation, I’d have been out of luck.
As it was, I managed to get into one of the two remaining available spots. Not in front of Apache’s unit, because that area had filled up already, but around the corner from him.
Walking back to my unit, I ran into Apache just returning from a doctor’s appointment.
He’d not been home when the signs were posted, otherwise he’d have let me know.
The two of us got into conversation about how poorly management has handled things and we walked around to see how many residents were still in the No Parking Zone. We counted at least 24 residents (24 cars) unaware of the last-minute posting.
There are not enough open garages to accommodate the unlucky ones, and complaints to the office about the first snafu resulted in being told to park down the street in the market parking lot.
Sure. Do that. If you want your car vandalized in the deserted overnight parking lot.
At any rate, I’m hopeful Friday of this week is the end of it all and things will get back to normal because I’ve got things to do in preparation for a 5K this Saturday, a hair appointment Sunday, laundry to do and meals to prepare for a hotel stay to attend the Batman 5K the following Saturday, and a local 5K the Saturday after that.
The next three weeks look exhausting already.


  1. So very sorry. Yes, what a mess.

  2. I got exhausted just reading your busy itinerary for the next few days! *Whew!* But, that parking situation would have upset me too and how dare they tow people they didn't adequately notify! To leave Seniors without their mode of transportation when I'm certain many might have mobility issues is just thoughtless and uncaring.