Friday, December 16, 2016

Third Time’s the Charm

Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare.

Because of the Yahoo hacking incident, the morning consisted of changing passwords, removing security questions, closing email accounts, updating online accounts to new email addresses, so on and so forth.

It was mentally exhausting, and I still don’t feel secure.

A third notice was posted to the door indicating maintenance would be coming in to change the A/C filter and switch out smoke detector batteries.

Of course I wasn’t holding my breath. Having tucked away what items needed to be hidden, I headed out early afternoon to run errands.

Nothing looked changed by the time I returned but, along about 2:30, I heard Cute Maintenance Supervisor’s cart coming down the quad, then heard knocking on the door to the unit beneath me.

He reached my door at 3:00 sharp and wasn’t alone. He had an older guy with him who actually did the work of changing the batteries, switching out the old filter, while Maintenance Supervisor checked those items off his clipboard and had me initial they’d been done.

Once again I say, our old maintenance wiz did it all by himself and Corporate let Nurse Ratched abuse and eventually fire him.

I’m sure Cute Maintenance Supervisor and whoever his assistant was are trustworthy, but once bitten twice shy –the woman from Corporate has instilled a distrust in me, so I tried to keep sight of both of them. At one point, Maintenance Supervisor stepped out onto the patio to access the door where the water heater is housed. Responding to a question he asked about “Where did you buy the timer for your Christmas decorations?” I took my attention off the second guy then suddenly realized I didn’t see him any longer. My heart went to my throat for a hot second as I went looking and found him on a ladder in the bedroom, changing the smoke detector battery.

So now that the Annual Inspection is out of the way. I can now come and go without hiding items.

Next door neighbor theorized that all the notices and no shows were not because Maintenance Supervisor isn’t motivated but because management is trying to throw rule breaking tenants off their game to enable management to show up unexpectedly and make note of those not maintaining a clean unit, those who continue to smoke on the premises, and those allowing non-residents to live in the unit.

I seriously doubt that.

Maintenance guy is utterly charming, just not all that enthusiastic about performing his duties in a timely manner.

It’s raining cats and dogs this morning, so I’m guessing no one will be heading down to the Community Room – at least I won’t be doing so, for the Holiday Traditions Around the World event; which I’ve learned is in lieu of a Cookie Swap and involves cookies being made on premise by Activity Director and the Baker’s granddaughter.

That leaves me alone with the Gingerbread Molasses Cookie Dough I’d purchased from Trader Joe’s. So, unless the storm ceases and the sun comes up, I’m taking it as a sign to indulge myself with warm cookies and cold milk.

Happy Holidays to me!


  1. Our storm has blown through and the sun is shining this morning. Maybe you'll still be able to go out for the party.

    1. Didn't clear up down this way until 2:00 in the afternoon, way too late to attend the 10:00 event. Doubt I missed much.

  2. Happy Holidays to you too.
    Is it really worth the agrivation to live here? I don't feel you are really comfortable with it all.

    1. Actually I'm very happy with my neighbors, my unit, the new Community Manager, location and the price is right. We just need a few tweaks with the Activity Director and Maintenance Supervisor getting their acts together.

  3. Just sending you Christmas wishes and letting you know I love your view of life and admire the way you deal with the highs and lows. I was glad that there is a new Community Manager. May 2017 bring you lots of high days

    1. Bless you for the lovely comment and well wishes. May 2017 bring its best to you as well.