Friday, December 2, 2016

Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Heading to the Community Room, via the front doors yesterday, I was met by this cherry fellow.

Immediately behind Santa, was Tree No. 1

When I first saw this tree, it was in the process of being decorated by a non-resident volunteer.

How’d they rope her in?

The non-resident is the daughter of a man who’s lived here 17 years.

In chatting with her, while she decorated, I learned her dad’s MS has gotten progressively worse.

I use to see her dad out and about in his motorized wheelchair and, a year and a half ago, he was capable enough to try to climb stairs to woo a female resident. The female resident said she’d heard a commotion on her stairs, looked out, saw him struggling to get to the top and told him to get down before he hurt himself.

“I just wanna be your friend” said he.

As far as I know, becoming her “friend” never happened, but I can’t say for sure and don't want to know.

At any rate, daughter says his arms are no longer strong enough to maneuver the chair, he’s taken to bed and won’t get up.

Her dad sounds depressed.

It’s the time of year when seniors get that way, and fear and dread of the coming year with that giant orange guy as potus isn’t helping the situation.

You’ll notice I lower-cased potus. That’s because I refuse to dignify him with the proper all uppercase spelling.

So anyway, it may be daughter has moved in to provide full time care, rather than her usual in/out to provide groceries, do laundry. Maybe volunteering to decorate one of our trees is a much needed break from it all.

I should feel bad about not wanting to volunteer myself, but I don’t … not in the least. But I think the Universe is trying to tell me something because posted to our doors yesterday was the December Calendar of Events.

First event was today 10:00 to 12:00 — Class: The Value of Volunteering.

I’ve things to do today but went down to see what the speakers had to say.

Walking through the front entrance, it looked like yesterday’s Santa was now Drunk Santa.

The Community Room itself was very festive what with the tree resident volunteers decorated and various decorations around the room.

The Class was just the Activity Director distributing handouts outlining places to volunteer.

Also on the calendar are:

Friday, December 9 — Holiday Movie: Christmas Vacation (with snacks).

Snacks are probably popcorn.

One of my favorite food combinations are popcorn washed down with Starbucks coffee, so I’m in, but I’ll take my own gluten free microwave popcorn.

Friday, December 16 — Class: Holiday Traditions Around the World


Friday, December 23 — Holiday Lunch -- Supposedly with everything provided to us and raffle prizes.

I’ll give Activity Director another chance, but this better not be a fool me twice situation.

On tap for today ….
It's Tamale Time!!

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  1. yup, we are in full holiday mode now! My hubby's office Xmas party is tonight at the Queen Mary, and we are going to see Andrea Bocelli at Honda Center tomorrow night. Finally get to check him off my concert bucket list!