Friday, December 23, 2016

New Neighbors?

Went to bed at 10:00 last night, right after the Project Runway Finale. Woke up refreshed and raring to go just shy of three hours later at 12:45.

Could that be a factor ... that after such a long hiatus, the caffeine revved me up to where I needed less sleep?

At any rate, I hope Starbucks Corporate Offices appreciates my dedication in heading out into the rain yesterday afternoon.

Before deciding to do so, I was standing at the patio window, looking at the drops, trying to decide if I was desperate enough to suit up and head out, and observed an elderly couple viewing the vacant upstairs unit across the quad.

It was just before this time last year when our former maintenance wiz and his wife were booted from that unit by the former Community Manager (Nurse Ratched) for spite. The unit remained vacant for five months, until it was given to Cute Maintenance Supervisor and his young family.

Because his young children created so much chaos for their downstairs neighbor, he and his family were relocated to a unit above the Game Room end of July, and the unit across the quad became vacant yet again.

New residents have taken units in the complex but, until yesterday, I never saw anyone being shown that particular one.

I choose to think it’s the Law of Attraction at work. This quad is peaceful, filled with nice considerate friendly residents, we look out for each other, and the Universe is holding out for like-minded individuals to join us. The couple I saw today looked like they’d be, so hopefully they’ll take the unit.

They’d be fools not to, because not all quads are equal. There are problems in other quads – residents who continue to smoke inside ... subjecting their neighbors to second-hand damage, and endangering the welfare of their neighbors on oxygen. There are also difficult personalities in other quads -- complainers like Little Ruthie… rude, abrasive, confrontational for no reason; and control freaks like Big Linda, retired military, who tries to drill sergeant everyone … yelling at folks as to what they can and cannot do and, in the process, has made so many enemies in the complex that she found it necessary to post a warning on her car … “Do not spit on this car. You are being watched.”


There are residents so angry at her that they do that.

Also a problem in other quads are ghost tenants (unauthorized persons living with residents), which ghost tenants usually results in an unusual amount of traffic in/out of those units late at night. And then there's the situation described to me by the rather handsome gentleman I briefly mentioned having an interesting not unpleasant encounter with in the October 20 post. He'd only been here two months and was relocating to a quad nearer to mine because an older woman in his current quad objected to having a Black male. When she fist saw him, she'd loudly proclaimed "The Blacks are moving in!" and, when he ignored further taunts, because he lived in the unit beneath her, she’d stomp, purposely drop things, make noise designed to disturb his peace.

All of us in this quad must be living right, and the Universe is rewarding us with immunity from drama being experienced by others.

On tap for today are two events. Granddaughter invited me to attend the 9:30 Holiday Breakfast in her adult building next door.

I’m not interested in eating anything, but there are games and prizes. So, since it’s not raining, and I'm feeling wired from yesterday's coffee, I’ll probably check it out.

This afternoon is our Holiday Luncheon (3:00 – 5:00). That’s late for lunch, but hopefully Activity Director will begin on time and provide all she promised us this time.

Hope springs eternal.


  1. 8 words: Decaf latte with one shot of butter toffee. You can thank me later. :)

  2. I hope this activity director is vastly better than the last one. Boy, it sounds as if you live in a maze. We do, sort of here too.

    1. There's been no change in the Activity Director position. Same woman, but she's trying to do better.