Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Santa's House

Now that we have a Community Manager that’s good at what she does, is friendly and works well with others, Corporate needs to do something about the cute young Maintenance Supervisor.

He’s just so slow, unmotivated, unreliable, lackadaisical.

When I moved into the complex, we had a 65+ year old maintenance man who was amazing -- competent, knowledgeable, strong, fast, highly dependable.

Our former Community Manager – Nurse Ratched, didn’t like that. She preferred people who were less competent because she could lord over them. So she did her best to try to run maintenance wiz outta here.

He knew what she was doing, loved the residents, loved his job and hung in there, even after she hired a second maintenance guy and raised him over maintenance wiz as Supervisor.

Wiz still hung in there, but Nurse Ratched eventually won out, found a way to fire wiz, then refused to allow he and his wife to keep a unit on the premises out of spite.

The Maintenance Supervisor she replaced him with was so unbelievably stupid that even she couldn’t justify keeping him. He was out rather quickly and cute guy came in, with his young family.

Cute Maintenance Supervisor seems to know what he’s doing insofar as basic general maintenance, but requests for service sometimes have to be submitted more than once before he finally gets around to fulfilling them, and he’s no Supervisor. Older more seasoned guys are frequently called in to assist, show him the ropes.

We’ve sometimes had Cute Maintenance Supervisor and two others doing what our former 65+ year old maintenance wiz handled all on his own.

I stuck around all last Friday morning, because I’d received notice Cute Maintenance Supervisor was coming in to change the A/C filter and switch out smoke detector batteries.

He didn’t show up in the morning so, I missed the 3:00 Movie event waiting around in the afternoon, and he never showed.

As I was headed out the door, on my way to Victoria Gardens yesterday, I found a notice he’d be coming in that day to handle what was to have been handled on the Friday he didn't show up -- change the A/C filter and switch out smoke detector batteries.

I am now leery about letting anyone inspect the unit without my following them room to room, keeping an eye on them because I’d failed to do so when his boss from Corporate did an inspection, ended up in my closet, while I remained occupied on the computer in the other room, and I later noticed my rhinestone American flag belt was missing from its prominent highly visible place. Nothing I could do about it because I didn’t notice the theft immediately that day, and no one would have believed a woman of her status would have jeopardized her position with thievery.

I feel sorry for her. She thinks she's gotten away with something and has no idea there is a thing called Karmic justice ... spiritual consequences.

At any rate, though leery, no way was I going to waste another day waiting around but, just to be on the safe side, I did take a quick look around and hid anything I was worried about – the laptop, ipod, organizer containing personal information, cash, then I left.

Santa’s House at Victoria Gardens was amazing.

Not only was it even more beautiful than I remember from past years, it was entertaining.

Charming characters would appear every few minutes in doors, windows and perform something cute.

At one point, Santa’s House had a snow storm.

I would have liked to have seen what went on inside Santa’s House, but that required a small child and $35 for a photo package.

In one of the photo albums, there is a photo of me as an adult sitting on Santa’s lap. I'd show it to you, but that album is with a family member, and I can’t find a copy on any of my flash drives. I would have taken a seat on Santa's lap yesterday had it been a mall setup and not cost $35.

After spending considerable time enjoying the show on Santa’s House and people watching, I made it back to the complex, unsure if Cute Maintenance Supervisor had been in to take care of the filter and smoke detector. However, based on the dust I see inside the filter, he absolutely did not.

I’d be really pissed had I given up another day, waited around and again a no show.

At this point, it's of no difference to me. It's something management has to take care of before the fire department does it's annual unit inspection so, it'll be their arse not mine if not taken care of.

Cute Maintenance Guy will get around to it because he has to if he wants to avoid getting the building a citation, I just don't know when around to it will be. Consequently, on the off chance he enters without giving yet another notice, I'm going to have to hide the laptop, ipod and organizer every time I leave.

I really miss our maintenance wiz.

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