Saturday, October 12, 2019

Oh Hell No!

Except for the college, which was closed for two days due to power shutoff, my area was lucky ─ no fires, no shutoff as the power company had threatened.
We were all on edge, not knowing if and then, late yesterday, came this email from the power company:
“Due to current conditions, your area has been removed from Public Safety Power Shutoff consideration, and no electric service will be proactively turned off at this time.”
Earlier the morning before, I headed to the Pain Cave not sure he’d have power but factored in it would not interfere with a workout. The treadmill would be inoperable, and no lights, but there would be daylight flowing in through the windows and the weights, balls, pulleys to work with.
So walking in, seeing everything was in order, I said to Trainer “Great! You still have power”.
“What do you mean?” said he.
He was totally unaware, saying he doesn’t watch the news, because of all the negativity, and did not receive a notice from the power company.
I teased him about living in a fool’s paradise, not knowing what’s going on in the world, and that if everything had suddenly gone dark, he’d have thought it was a zombie apocalypse.
“No”, said he. “I’ve have called the power company and demanded an explanation”.
“And then, once you learned it was a shutoff and you had not prepared with food or water?”
“I’d have gone to the liquor store next door, loaded up, and then the Mexican restaurant down there (pointing to the new restaurant), loaded up there”.
At any rate, the high winds are behind us ... I think, and its onward and upwards.
I got the dentist off my to-do list yesterday.
Next up is an appointment with the doctor because of gut episodes every single day, off/on all day since mid-August, when those brussel sprouts tried to kill me.
But then, all of a sudden it stopped.
Yesterday came and went without an episode.
Waking up this morning, expecting the usual discomfort and acid regurgitation, there was none.
I began rethinking seeing the doctor about a specialist ─ figuring the specialist would run expensive painful tests.
So, logging onto the provider’s website, I researched what the specialist would do and learned “ ... a spray medicine that numbs your nose and throat. A probe will be passed through a tube in your nose and into your lower esophagus.”
OH HELL NO! said I to myself and cancelled the appointment.
I’d rather deal with the discomfort.
On tap for today is housework I’ve put off ─ including shampooing the carpet, because I’ve been so obsessed with the newest needlepoint project.
Obsessed to the point where I’d put in as many hours as I could on the project before heading off to the Pain Cave in the morning, get back to work on the project when I returned, working through until 7 o’clock at night.
And, on the non-Pain Cave days, I found myself putting in 12-hour days on the project, letting everything else go.
But today, it’s first things first, then back to my obsession.


  1. Hahaha. I know what you mean about those tests. Some of these tests just sound so gruesome. They are probably not as bad as I imagine - but my imagination is pretty gruesome!

  2. The specialist wasn't bad at all. I'm glad I went.

  3. It's the pain in the wallet that hurts the most.

  4. Glad you didn't have a loss in Power due to the Fires... it all sounded so extensive on the News and I'm not always aware about locations being affected in areas I'm unfamiliar with in other States. My Obsession right now is The Move and if I'm not losing Weight I am losing Inches so perhaps all this work and stress will pay off in some way? LOL