Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Craft Day

Today is the Cupcake Decorating event.
The winds have been howling through the complex. So loud the other night that I mistook the sound for thunder.
It confused the PokémonGo app as well.
Checking the app to see if there were any Halloween Pikachu in the area, the game showed rain outside, when there clearly was not.
The good news is we still have power. So, with nothing bad going on near enough for us to be concerned about, and with our power thus far being a go, today is business as usual.
Not so with the university down the street. Without the usual advanced notice, their power was cut for a third time ─ mid-morning yesterday, without warning, while operations were in full swing, leaving some folks trapped in elevators.
I just don’t know if the outages, and threats of outage, are really serving a purpose.
Cupcake decorating doesn’t start until 11:00, which will give me time enough, before I leave for the pain cave, to take a few pics, but may not allow time for me to do any decorating.
Having watched so much of Food Network’s Halloween shows this month, it’s in my mind to try my hand at something gory. So, if not enough time to decorate with the seniors, I’ll just take one or two cupcakes upstairs, do my decorating when I return.
Hopefully, Apache won’t come to the event wearing his Make America Great hat, beating his chest at his hero having killed an Isis leader. But, if he does, I’ve got the duct tape all ready to go. Except, I saw on one of your blogs where “Great” had been peeled back and “Russia” was revealed, turning the phrase into “Make Russia Great Again”. I thought that much better than my idea to change Apache’s hat to “Make America Suck”.
He ain’t gone like it. Lol.
What Apache will like is that I did indeed turn those images, received from 45’s reelection organization, into a gift with Apache's name on it.

Side 1

Side 2

Could not decide on which image liked best, so I made back to back different images. Encased in a sealed holder, looks  pretty darn legit. ROFLMAO!
When I first blogged about those images, Mike commented “We need a card that just says Impeachment Official.
Here you go Mike. This one’s for you :-)

And while we’re on the subject of 45, it made me sooooo happy to read he was booed, and there were chants of “Lock him up”, at the game. That guy feeds on being pandered to, so those boos and chants will torture him forever.
I love it!
As I type out this post, I’m listening to the news.
It was just said there was a hero dog involved in the overtaking of the Isis leader, and that the dog would be invited to the White House.
I hope the dog declines the invite ─ barks, “Thanks, but no thanks”.