Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Yesterday’s Fall Crafts Class didn’t happen.
Activity Director showed up 10:00, per schedule, but announced that, because we are once again without a Community Manager, there was no one to disperse the budget ─ supply her with money for supplies.
Though she said she’s trying to work something out with Corporate, I’m guessing next week’s Cupcake Decorating Class won’t happen either.
Oh well.
In addition to the daily emails from No. 45 whining that “It’s a COUP. They want to steal the election”, asking me to “Stand with me against Pencil-Necked Adam Schiff”, “This is BS. We need to fight back”, “Be my VIP guest in Chicago” and one from Jr. that “My father is asking about you” there was once again this from the utility company:
“Due to forecast fire weather conditions, Southern California Edison is exploring a potential Public Safety Power Shutoff of electrical lines in your area. These conditions may result in SCE turning off your power. SCE anticipates that this may occur on Thursday, October 24, 2019 though it may occur earlier or later depending on actual weather conditions. We encourage you to prepare by having an outage plan and emergency kit. SCE will send daily updates until conditions improve.”
So tiresome, but I’ll be preparing with boiled eggs, pick up bananas and apples while out and about today, making more of the grain-free crackers and calling it a wrap.
And speaking of tiresome, the wife beater and his spouse put on a show of solidarity by showing up for crafts yesterday ... both of them ... together ... at the same time. Something they’ve never done before.
She rarely shows up for crafts
He’s never made an appearance at crafts. It’s not a guy thing around here.
The way they sat ─ alone, at the biggest table, her head chin up in a proud stance, lips tight in defiance. His head posed straight ahead, eyes looking like he wanted to be friendly but dared not because she obviously did not want him to be.
It was a performance, a statement to all of us.
We saw it, we got it, and none of us cared. Our focus was disappointment at there being no crafts and how Corporate should have planned for dispersal of the budget.
The news is on as I write this post. I wasn’t paying attention to it until Duchess Megan popped up on the screen. Evidently, she and baby Archie are spending Thanksgiving Holiday in the USA. No mention of hubby joining her.
I’m glad she’s getting out of that country, even if it’s only for a few days.
Talk about being an abused wife … and not by her husband, but by an entire country.
Maybe she’ll decide having married Harry isn't worth the drama, and never go back.


  1. There's growing support for Megan..... In my country 😊 I agree she's had it tough but that's the media stirring things up as is their want... Not all of us believe all that is written about her, its time the royals were given a wake up call and I hope she's the one to do it ❤️ Helen

    1. Good to know she's got supporters, but with so much negativity thrown at her 24/7 over there, and her idiot father's side of the family over here, it's too much for a young mother to handle. Maybe Justin will let her hide out in Canada :-)