Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Cupcake Wars

Yesterday’s event was a smashing success, but it always is when the Residents Volunteer Activity Committee (RVA) is involved.
The RVA has age and experience on its side, while our younger Activity Director, though an okay girl, struggles to find ways to draw a crowd.
Activity Director was on the premises (I saw her car in the parking lot), but she had the good sense to not come into the Community Room, ask us sign in so Corporate could take credit for a successful event.
Though I wasn’t able to fit decorating into my schedule, I did stick around long enough to learn how to make graveyard dirt out of Oreo cookies and to snap a few photos of cupcake decorating in progress.

A young visitor, popping in to see her grandpa, used the Oreo dirt, gummy worms and came up with this cute graveyard cupcake.

Heading out, I managed to snap a photo of this over the top cupcake, which I thought was winning Cupcake Wars.

It’s the creation of a new resident, one who has already earned herself a reputation of being desperate ─ because she’s so aggressively coming onto the men.
This new resident upset Church Lady last week, because Church Lady has formed a bond with the old guy who moved into my quad October of last year ─ the man whom Nosey described as Black and not walking so good”.
He’s a quiet old guy, does appear to have trouble moving but, with the aid of a walker, slowly gets around and still drives.
I’d noticed some time ago that he and Church Lady were spending a lot of time together, and made an assumption they’d made a special bond.
Sure enough, it was just last week when Church Lady pulled me aside to say Quiet Old Guy had asked her, “Will you be my friend?”
I thought, how cute. Both are younger than I, but neither is in good shape ─ he on a walker, she can't seem to straighten her spine and uses a cane. So being each other’s “friend”, in their mutual poor conditions, takes on a sweet rather than sensual meaning.
At any rate, when Church Lady was telling me about being asked to be his friend, she pointed to that new resident and said, “See that woman over there? I don’t appreciate her hanging all over ___. He asked ME to be his friend and here she comes, sitting at our table, wearing a low cut top showing all of this (indicating buxom) and hugging on him".
I was amused, but held it in, didn’t show amusement on my face, because Church Lady was serious.
So serious that she asked me to pray on the situation.
God has bigger more pressing issues to attend to than helping Church Lady hang onto a man, thought I. So, I did not agree to pray, but diverted her from the request by saying, “You have nothing to worry about. He chose you because you’re a lady. He seems a gentleman, not likely to want a hoochie mama type”.
I could have been wrong because, at the cupcake event, Church Lady cornered me and said something about, “He asked ME to be his friend, but he came in and ...” We were interrupted, so I didn’t catch the rest of what she said ─ didn't really care and am almost to the point of telling Church Lady to cut it out/grow up, but I did see the new resident (let’s call her Hoochie Mama) greet Quiet Old Guy by hugging him and kissing his cheek.
Sometimes, around here is like high school all over again, LOL.
At any rate, as I was saying, at first glance, I thought Hoochie Mama’s over the top cupcake was great. But late yesterday afternoon, while editing and posting photos taken to the residents facebook page, it gave me pause when I noticed that long piece of candy precariously dangling strategically under the skeleton.

I refuse to think it’s me, having a dirty mind, imagining this to signify what it looks to signify, but rather, considering Hoochie's repuration,  it is exactly the x-rated thing Hoochie intended it to be.
Oh well. It’s on the facebook page now.
I wasn’t able to post my creations to the facebook post. I did my decorating late that afternoon, in my unit, and couldn’t figure out how to add additional photos to the already published post.
My decorating skills fell far short of the gore I’d intended and came out rather cute as I recreated ideas I’d previously seen on Pinterest.

Bloody Claw Marks


Smashed Witch

Next up is Thursday’s Halloween Costume Party.
The mother of the little girl who made the graveyard cupcake said she’d bring her by so we could see her costume.
I’m going to have to run to the market, pick up some treats for her trick or treat bag.


  1. Little Peyton Place you got going on there. I guess some people never grow out of high school nonsense.

  2. It does sound like High School over there, but I think that is quite normal in these situations.
    I love your Smashed Witch but I really think Hoochie Mama's cupcake could be taken as the Orange One with his extra long tie! What a hoot!

  3. Well I have heard some scandalous stories from the Retirement Communities near us too... and Hoochie Mama's Cupcake, well, I ain't gonna lie, I did Smile when you pointed it out but had missed it before reading what it likely signified! I'm not all that observant sometimes so would have posted it before realizing the naughty nature too! A Cupcake War sounds like Fun, I liked your Cupcakes... one year we tried to Decorate Sugar Cookies and I discovered I'll never become a contestant on any Decorating Challenge Reality Show anytime soon! *Winks*