Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Did Someone Say Luau

Detouring through the Community Room after Monday’s workout, I saw as poster indicating management is giving us a Luau this Friday.

I’m in.
After Tuesday’s workout I drove to Party City and picked up a grass skirt.
Tried it on.
Didn’t like it.
It was cheaply made, with just a short little ribbon tie at the waist.

The ribbon tie wouldn’t hold ─ kept slipping and the way the raffia bunched at the waist made me look fat, so I took the pre-made grass skirt apart, tossed the ribbon tie and pimped it with an elastic ribbon waist.

Black instead of green because it blends better with the black top I plan to wear, giving me a much better looking waist than bright green would have.

I'm hoping not to be the only resident with a lei and grass skirt, but we have so many who are uptight that I probably will be … even though one resident bragged about owning an authentic grass skirt.
Better brush up on the hukilau.
While in the Community Room, I learned the new Community Manager’s lunch had been stolen from the refrigerator.
Guess no one told him about someone breaking into the locked kitchen cabinet, stealing coffee, paper plates, paper towels, kitchen gadgets. Taking the ice cream, bottled water, and trays of food placed in the refrigerator in advance of an event from the refrigerator.
What with all the potlucks, free pizzas, chicken nuggets, bread deliveries and other free food coming through here, no one needs to do that.
Management needs to put the camera in the kitchen to better use and nab the culprits.
With Community Manager’s lunch being the last to be pilfered, maybe now they will.


  1. Really sorry to read about these thefts, people spoiling things for others. How many people live in your development?
    An efficient camera would work wonders.

    1. With 178 units in the complex, it's like living in a small city. So many people. I'm always seeing new faces. Sometimes they really are new residents. Sometimes they've lived here for years and our paths never crossed before.

  2. Costumes are a funny thing. Growing up I was too self conscious after a certain age to wear costumes. Then in my early 20s I got together with a group that truly loved Halloween and we all vied for the best contest. It was so much fun. It just takes a couple of brave Individuals to start the party.

  3. A Luau is such a Fun Event! I once went to an authentic one on my Honeymoon in Kauai and OMG the Local Hawaiian Food was fantastic! I like Costumes and I'm Down for wearing one any excuse I get! Too bad about the thievery in the Kitchen. I'm not surprised, I worked at a Food Bank that gave away FREE Food and yet we'd get people who stole it... and then got banned from the Program... ummm, ya couldda gotten it for Free anyway and they knew that... but the compulsion to steal was too deeply ingrained I guess? And, here's a Rich one, I am Retired from our Local DA's Office and we would often have Lunches and our Refreshments stolen from the Fridge... and everyone there were either Prosecutors or their Support Staff, go figure! I once even saw a Male Prosecutor drinking a canned Soda that had a Female's name written on it in Magic Marker for identification purposes! When confronted with that he merely shrugged and said he had thought it to be his Soda... yeah, right! Honesty is a Virtue, alas, that too many people are lacking nowadays.

    1. Yep. Some people have no shame. I once worked with a girl that, whenever she felt the need for a snack, would raid lunches in the fridge. I called her out on it and guess what … I was the one who got in trouble for "picking on her". Good news is the attention got to her and she stopped stealing from other people's lunches.