Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Hide and Seek

Got my car back.
The renegade has actually been ready for pick-up since last Friday but, for some reason, I never saw the text message from the dealer, that the oil pan had been replaced/come get her, until I went to text an inquiry to them this morning.
As for next service, I’m told 10,000 miles.
“I drive so little that you’ll be retired before I hit 10,000”, said I.
“Well, one year”, he laughingly said, “And if you want to come in for tire rotation before that, please do”.
I really don’t think, with so little driving, I’ll need the tires rotated, but I’ll keep it in mind.
Heading back to the complex, I stopped at Sprout’s to pick up things I can only find at Sprout’s and found a sweater cookie kit that peaked my fancy.

After Sprout’s, I stopped by the local grocery store to pick up items I can only find at that location, and went on an 0.95 mile walk (according to Fitbit) through every isle looking for an elf because my friend the Archeologist had yesterday posted to facebook that the market was “Hiding an elf named Harold. Spot him and you win a prize”. Her daughter found Harold and won a candy cane.
I walked my hiney off, looking up, looking down, looking in-between but no Harold.
As I was snapping a photo of the flyer, the cashier said finding Harold will continue every day up until Christmas. He also said the prize wasn’t much ─ which I already knew from the Archeologist’s daughter winning a candy cane, but didn’t care because the prize doesn’t matter, it’s the fun of the challenge that interests me.

It’s not important enough to go browsing store aisles every day until I find Harold, and I’ve plenty of groceries, but eggs go pretty fast, so I’m sure I’ll get another opportunity fairly soon.
If and when I do find Harold, maybe I can talk the store into giving me something I saw that’s really calling my name, even though I don’t need it.

While there, I also picked up those cookies for The Baker.

So cute, a whole gingerbread family, including a dog and cat.
If the cookie decorating event isn’t a complete bust, the folks can decorate those (I bought two kits). I’m not sharing the kit I purchased from Sprouts, that one is for me to either do upstairs in my unit or next week if the event goes forward.


  1. I too went to Sprouts and saw that Christmas sweater decorating kit. Thought of you and another friend, who lives here, that does these kinds of things. Didn't buy the kit, though, because I don't those kinds of things.

  2. You sound delighted with your day, and so you bring smiles to all of us.