Wednesday, September 26, 2018


I finished Omarosa’s book Unhinged just before I took off for the meditation retreat, and got started on Woodward’s book Fear yesterday, Tuesday.
Thus far, my assessment is Omarosa’s book is the better read.
Unhinged took this reader on a breathless ride. There were times when what I was reading was so interesting and exciting that I couldn’t put the book down ─ I just had to know what happened next. Fear is deep, slow-moving, methodical, reading more like a textbook, but hopefully it will pick up steam.
I have a feeling that, after finishing Fear, I’m going to need a long hot bath to wash away the knowledge of how deliberately evil and manipulative people running the country can be, a penicillin shot to protect myself from being affected by their policies, and another meditation retreat to keep Hope alive.
Then there’s this.

Shocking to see Cosby in handcuffs, even though he brought it upon himself.
Reminded me of how stunned I was, back in November of 2003, to turn on the news and see the King of Pop in cuffs.

On the whole, the world isn’t looking too rosy right now, but I'm thinking what we see is more or less a fulfillment of that verse which goes, "In the final days, that which is hidden shall be revealed". All this ugliness that's being exposed is dispelling of that which is diseased in mankind so the healing can begin.
In the interim, our individual lives must go on, so on tap for today is my annual blood test (thank the Universe it doesn't require fasting), a flu shot, and registering for my next 5K.

It’s cosplay, so I’m going as my favorite character to portray ─ Walking Dead’s Michonne.


  1. I want to read Osmarosa's book but don't wish to give her my money. Something about her just bugs me. But I bet it's a good read. I may read it when it's old and I pick it up somewhere free.

    I saw someone say Cosby was like Jesus. Being prosecuted wrongly and that it's because he is a black man. I'm sorry on this one I don't think it is race. It is most often race, but Cosby did this, there are too many women with the same story for too long. I lost all respect for his wife as well for standing by him. She can't seem to see beyond the $$$$ and her lifestyle. She sickens me. I am not sure he can survive prison for 3 yrs at age 81.

    1. It's disturbing when I hear his attorneys pull the race card. This guy got away with drugging and raping women FOR YEARS. He absolutely does deserve to go to prison, but I have no faith in the justice system and bet he'll be out in months not years. But at least he's stuck with the label of being a sexually violent predator.

  2. All this ugliness didn't become free until we elected "Himself." What a mess we live in now. Yes, it picks up.

  3. Hi there! -new reader here. To be honest, I found it difficult to watch footage of Cosby being led from court in cuffs. But as you wrote, he brought it on himself. Bill is guilty.

    However, having grown up with Fat Albert, Jell-o pudding commercials, and, later, the Huxtables, it's just a weird visual as he presented like such a pleasant & friendly man.

    1. Hey there, Bea. Welcome. I'm familiar with your blog. I think I found it on John Gray's site and checked in a time or two. When you say Cosby "presented like such a pleasant & friendly man", it reminded me of crime shows where the criminal/predator is often depicted by those who thought they knew him as "pleasant/friendly". Evidently, it's the mask they wear when leading double lives.