Friday, November 3, 2017

Visual Timeout

That visual timeout, which mysteriously began Monday, with a black screen on the television, ended just as mysteriously yesterday morning when the picture and audio returned.
Shortly after that morning’s post, I was sitting on the couch, listening to the silence while gazing out at the world through the patio sliding window. Call it habit when, without thinking, I reached for the remote, clicked … lo and behold I had reception.
So now I know the new television is fine, it’s the cable company that sucks. But if they think I’m going to cancel Saturday’s appointment with the technician, they’re crazy. As much difficulty as I had getting an appointment, I’m keeping him/her, because I just don’t know when the next timeout will occur, and I want the company’s equipment checked to determine if they need to bring in a newer model receiver and whatnots.
On tap for today?
It’s nice out, so what I should do is go for a walk or drive out of the area to Trader Joe’s. Feeling lazy, I'll probably get no further than the couch, where I'll work on that needlepoint -- with the television off since I found I did enjoy the background noise free quiet those few days.

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