Thursday, November 2, 2017

Me and My Big Mouth

No television service Tuesday, Wednesday, and there will be no service today or tomorrow, because the cable company technicians are so busy that one can’t make it here until 8:00 a.m. Saturday; but at least I finally cracked the customer service code for getting service, which was complaining through facebook messenger rather than calling in to customer service.
However, my spidey sense is telling me this is going to be like the Big Box store delivery fiasco. The tech will come up with some excuse not to show.
If that turns out to be the case, I may follow my instincts, assume the problem is in the television itself, and return it.
Maybe I’ll purchase another, maybe not because I’m finding I’m quite getting use to this quiet. Reminds me of when I was a child and we had no television, just radio and books. Of course, now I have a laptop, sewing projects and needlepoint to whittle away the hours.
Besides, I can view my favorites -- Kevin Saves the World, Survivor and Project Runway online. It all just depends on what the television portion of the monthly bill is, and if cancelling TV service altogether will net substantial savings.
For sure, living without a television will save substantial aggravation, because it’s been one thing after another since the cable companies merged, after which my old television began experiencing difficulties resulting in purchase of a new TV – which now I’m thinking maybe the problem I began having wasn’t that old TV at all, but the cable company’s equipment.
At any rate, we’ll know which way to go shortly after 8:00 Saturday.
In the meantime, having a load of photos to be developed (October Dinner/Dance, October Halloween Potluck, October Candy Giveaway), some for my personal scrapbook, some for residents who’d requested a print, some for the Community Room scrapbook, the thought occurred – and stupidly, I voiced the thought out loud in the presence of two members of the Residents Volunteer Activity Committee, “You know …. What we need is a facebook page”.
Heads began nodding in assent and, before I knew it -- because I don’t know jack about setting up televisions, but I’m knowledgeable about facebook, I found myself setting up a Residents Facebook Page, with me listed as Administrator.
I don’t mind so much, as the new President of the RVA isn’t the everyone is my servant autocrat the former President was, but I’ll probably have to attend events I normally would not attend because they’re food related – like the Taco Dinner coming up on the 6th and Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner on the 21st. I can't rely on others to take photos and send to me instead, or post themselves, because a lot of the seniors have simple cellphones with not the capacity to post to facebook, few would know how to post; and, believe it or not, some are uncomfortable taking photos, afraid even. Why? I don't know, but the few who give it a try, the photos are blurry and unusable. That’s why everyone asks me to take their photo but, when I need a photo of me, I have to ask a young visitor or office staff or take a selfie, which I’m terrible at.
At any rate, the existence of the facebook page means, when asked for a print “For my family”, I can direct the resident to tell family to visit the facebook page, download the photo even. Residents themselves can head to the Computer Room to view.
On tap for today?
More quiet time.

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  1. You might want to train someone to be that FB correspondent.