Thursday, November 9, 2017


Even though I didn’t expect O.J. Simpson to stay out of trouble long, I didn’t expect him to mess up this soon.
Unless it’s fake news, which I don’t believe it is, he got himself booted from the Clique bar, located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, for reportedly being drunk and disruptive to other customers.
If I’m not mistaken, a condition of his parole was no more drinking?
So much for having lived such a “conflict free life” (his words, not mine).
I’m on the edge of my seat to see what comes next.
Looks like I’ll be spending Thanksgiving week in Long Beach, touching base with estranged daughter and her brood.
We’ve had a series of losses in the family recently. First, my deceased brother’s oldest son suddenly passed away three weeks ago (heart attack). And earlier today, my deceased sister’s youngest son – the nephew I had felt his medical emergency last week when I became so tired and weak, passed away earlier today (also heart attack, but he lingered for a week before giving up the ghost).
His passing I’d expected from the experience I’d had last week, so news came as no surprise. But with so many losses in such a short period of time, I began thinking I should come out of seclusion and touch base, at least once, with those I’ve had no contact with in years because one never knows who and when.
I followed my instincts last year, when instincts told me to attend nephew’s 40th Birthday because one of us might not be here much longer, and today I was glad we'd had that time together.


  1. I'm sorry for your losses. But if you dream of me or have an instinct please tell me so I can be prepared. :-) I honestly believe those were not coincidences!! Actually I don't believe in coincidences but that's for another time.

  2. My condolences on your loss. It's hard to lose those so much younger who seem to have so much to live for. Hope you have a nice visit with your family.

    1. Inasmuch as there's a reason for my seclusion, I'm hoping for a "nice" visit as well.

    2. Having the family I do, I totally understand. You may have noticed, I write very little about extended family on my blog and practically nothing about my husband's family.