Saturday, November 11, 2017

Dirty Laundry

There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light” Mark 4:22
I think of that verse every morning as I wake up to another day of revelations about some actor’s or political figure’s unlawful behavior. That which had heretofore been swept under a rug now coming to light.
Careers are going down the toilet right and left.
Karmic justice?
Movie projects are being dropped.
I’m expecting Wisdom of the Crowd to be taken off air because of allegations against its producer/actor and I’m hoping no one involved in Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race and the Walking Dead franchises have done anything that will come to light and result in cancellation of those shows.
I finally broke out of staying indoors, in my unit, to myself, but only for a few minutes yesterday afternoon when I heard a commotion in the parking area.
Tow trucks, two of ‘em, were hauling away cars parked not in their assigned space.
It’s a good thing neighbors look out for each other here, because telephone calls went out to owners of the cars, the owners ran out to the trucks and managed to talk their cars down for $95.
Considering how many hundreds of dollars it would have cost to get the cars released from a lot, $95 is a bargain; but is that even legal that drivers take money to let your car down from their truck?
Word is, it was management itself who called for the tow trucks. Us neighbors just leave a note on the car alerting the owner they’re in our spot – or at least that’s what I’ve done. But evidently, management was walking around checking stickers and found cars with stickers not matching the spot they were parked in.
THAT, plus the H Building with no Wi-Fi since October 15, when the U-Haul hit the area where the equipment boxes are located, is going to make for quite an interesting Residents/Management meeting on the 15th.
That is … if there is one. I’m expecting management to get scared and cancel the meet.
And speaking of the H Building, since I was outdoors, I walked over to see if there’d been any progress in repairing the building.
No progress, but somebody better do something soon because, to my untrained eye, it looks as though the damage is getting worse -- that side of the building appears to be crumbling and leaning. One little earthquake, and we’re on the fault line and get many tremors, might bring the upstairs and downstairs units on that corner all the way down.


  1. The building's owner and management are insane, plain and simple. There is no reason that hasn't been fixed except they are too cheap to get the work done on their own dime and await the insurance payout.

    1. Once they get around to it, they'll probably hire cheap labor, using cheap product and end up with more problems -- like they did with the supposed $3 million worth of renovations they did when they took over the property.