Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Two Funerals and a Holiday

It took some time for my deceased brothers side of the family to get the body of his oldest son to California from Chicago for burial, but it’s done and the funeral scheduled for this coming Saturday.
I don’t generally do funerals because I don’t want some discarnate spirit following me home. However, it has been on my bucket list to see my brothers’ sons before I leave this earth -- nephews I’ve not seen for at least 30 years; and the funeral will give me that opportunity as everyone will be together in one place at one time.
It’s unfortunate it’s taken the death of one to bring this opportunity about.
I had the opportunity to see that eldest early last year, when he was in town for a book signing (he’s a published author), but I didn’t feel comfortable driving the car out-of-town because it needed shocks at that time.
Now that he’s gone, it bothers me that I didn’t get to see him, but I have to accept there’s a reason for everything.
At any rate, I’d already made hotel reservations to get into Long Beach next Tuesday, so as to get ahead of the holiday traffic and be in town for reconnecting with estranged daughter and her brood Thanksgiving Day. Knowing there was just no way I could handle the drive Saturday for the funeral, drive back and head up again Tuesday, I decided the best course was to drive up this Friday, come back the following Friday, so that's the plan.
Lots to do in preparation for that – manicure/pedicure, car washed, tires checked, clothes for a week, including that Nordstrom suit for the funeral, and figure out how to handle the food situation so I don’t end up with a gut episode.
No word yet, on the second funeral – the one for my sister’s youngest son. If word comes down while I’m still in Long Beach, I’ll probably attend out of respect for him. However, if word comes down once I’m back home, I definitely won’t go because I will have touched base with everyone I need to touch base with at this first funeral and the fact nephew and I had that link, which alerted me to his crisis, indicates he’ll understand if he visits his funeral and finds me not there.
It’s a scary thought, and I don’t want to think it, but it keeps coming up that there’s this theory that things like this “happens in threes”.
We’ve had two.
An entire week at a hotel, especially in the over-priced Long Beach area, is going to cost. But, staying that long will confuse a discarnate spirit as to where I reside, if one does decide to follow me.

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