Saturday, November 4, 2017

Circle of Life

This morning’s visit by the cable company technician was deep.
Arriving at 8:00 sharp, he found the problem was the cable box, replaced it and switched old wires out with new.
Hearing that the cable box was the problem brought up the thought again that I’d made a mistake in blaming the old television for taking 15 to 30 minutes to boot up, and junking that previously reliable Sony for a new Samsung. However, when I voiced that regret, the technician said that kind of problem is a signal one needs a new television.
He recounted being called out for service, checking everything and pronouncing to the customer that the problem is their old television, saying “Televisions are made by man, everything made by man has an expiration date. Even we have an expiration date, we’re born, we die.”
“You mean the circle of life”, said I.
He lit up like a Christmas tree at my getting it.
What an interesting technician he was … deep. Not many people communicate on the level he was expressing.
As a firm believer in reincarnation -- that we keep coming back until we "wake up" and get it right, I sometimes look at people and see what they could have been in a past life bleeding through in who they now are. This guy looked and talked like he’d been a Tibetan monk.
I’d ceased attending Residents/Management meetings some months ago. However, after learning from the technician that the H Building – the building hit by the U-Haul truck, has been without Wi-Fi since that incident, that customers are calling – “screaming for service”, but are told there's nothing the cable company can do, because the technicians are not allowed to enter the boarded and roped off / deemed not safe area.

I had no idea.
This can go on forever because management is cheap.
The technician even waxed philosophical on that topic as well saying, “Landlords want their rent no matter what. If you don’t pay or pay on time, you’re out; but when it comes to repairs, they don’t want to spend the money.”
I thought three-days without service was a lot. Residents of the H Building have been on timeout since October 15, with no end in sight.
Me thinks this next Residents/Management meeting -- scheduled for the 16th, might be a barn burner. I’d better sit in.


  1. The rental company is probably waiting for the driver's insurance to come up with the check for the repairs. Not a good way of doing things, but they don't seem too good at doing anything around there. Make the repairs and if you don't get the check, write it off as part of doing business.

  2. I love when you get people like that into your home instead of Larry, Daryl and Daryl if you know that reference. Either way it sounded like you had a pleasant visit and you got everything you needed. I like when that happens.

  3. glad your cable problem's fixed by a knowledgeable technician.