Thursday, August 24, 2017

Too Much of a Good Thing

Hanging out with the folks three straight days in a row has left me feeling tired, exhausted, worn completely out, in need of a vacation.
Day 1 was Eclipse Monday, Day 2 was Pizza Tuesday and Day 3 was yesterday's surprise birthday party for The Seer’s – and how we managed to pull off a surprise I'll never know, but it was a surprise. I could tell she wasn’t faking it.
The Baker had taken The Seer out to breakfast, giving us time to prepare goodies – cake, cupcakes, Starbucks coffee. Upon returning to the complex, The Baker steered The Seer to the Community Room, whose body language, when she opened the door, indicated she was a bit let down all she’d gotten for her birthday was a few telephone calls when BAM, she was met with a wall of SURPRISE!
I should have photographed her face but, seated in a far corner, a bit away from others, I was already fading away, not feeling at all well, so I didn’t think of capturing the moment until too late.
At any rate, it was a fun three days but surrounded by so many different energies, so much noise for extended periods of time on days so close together was just too much.
It’s going to take some time for me to recoup, so it’s doubtful I’ll be attending Pizza Tuesday for a while and, invited to participate in a Labor Day BBQ, I’ll probably just go for a long walk and keep to myself instead.
Which is the plan for today, a long slow walk and perhaps a drive to the scrapbooking store for eclipse-themed paper and embellishments.
When I entered the Community Room yesterday, my almost new friend M’s face lit up, she smiled and greeted me with “Good morning, my sister”. So, I guess she’s decided I’m not a witch or Satan possessed after all, even though I enjoy fantasy and mystical movies. And when she uses the term "my sister" she doesn't mean because we share the same skin color. She means sisters in Christ, that we're both spiritually minded -- albeit she in an old testament sin, evil, devil belief kind of way, me seeing things as choices, karma, erroneous choices coming back to bite you in the butt, better choices coming back as blessings.
At any rate, I’d better not ever let it slip that I also enjoy books and movies with vampires, werewolves, that I participate in cosplay, do yoga and meditate.

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