Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Better Safe Than Sorry

Yesterday was out and about in the heat -- driving to one end of town to sever a 45-year relationship with a financial institution and driving to the other end of town to start a new relationship.
When questioned as to why I was breaking up with the 45-year relationship, I tried to be gentle – “I’m just moving things around.”
They suspected there was more to it and prodded and pushed until finally I had to say it … “I didn’t want to say this, but one too many scandals (a third having just come to light having to do with auto loans/insurance)”.
They tried to change my mind … “We’ve been in business for a long time and nothing has happened”.
“Yes, but now we’re finding out about all this stuff that’s been going on”.
“Well, the last was about auto insurance and your account wasn’t involved in that”.
“Yes, but it’s one too many scandals. Shows a pattern. I don't know what's coming next”.
“We’re solid. My parents have been with this institution for a long time”.
“I been here a long time as well, but I’ve lost money before -- the Enron thing and, at my age, I can’t afford to take chances.”
It was an awkward conversation, like breaking up with a boyfriend or hairdresser. But inasmuch as there have been consequences in my life for staying loyal to others rather than following my gut, I stayed strong in my resolve and severed the relationship -- but only partially, and not because of their plea to not go. The plan I had all along was to play it safe -- move what’s important, let stay that which is convenient, with the option to move that as well when it becomes no longer convenient.
Returning to the complex after the breakup, I popped into the Community Room to check on status of The Baker.
“She’s back”, said Apache. “You just missed her”.
“Oh, she’s walking?”
“No, she’s on her husband’s electric scooter. She on doctor’s orders to rest, stay inside, but she snuck out”.
LOL, that's The Baker. She can't sit still.
“Did they find out what was wrong with her?”
“Her potassium was low, and they’re running more tests”.
Today being Pizza Tuesday, I popped in to watch the escapades.
Activity Director didn’t show up, did not send a substitute, so The Seer, Apache, and two other residents took charge -- sending the maintenance guys out to pick up, then the four organized pizzas, had residents sign the sheet, made an announcement that “If you touch it with your hands, you have to take it” and it was game on.
Of course, Old Guy took advantage of Activity Director’s absence and took more than his share, but he didn’t open the boxes and handle the pizzas this time, so progress is being made in teaching that old dog new tricks.
All of a sudden, I look up and here’s The Baker on her walker.
She escaped again which, in a way is hilarious because her children took her car so she’d stay indoors and not drive, but she still gets out – whether by scooter or walker, she gets out.
At any rate, gave her a happy-to-see-you hug, as did most everyone in the room.
As to her medical issue … she’d had a blood test the week prior to being taken to the hospital by ambulance and everything came out fine on that test. Somehow, between then and the date of her collapse, her potassium level had dropped to 2 percent.
She thought, at the time, she was having either a heart attack or a stroke.
Now released from the hospital, she still has to go back and forth for more tests and has been cautioned to stay indoors, not get involved in any activities.
Seems nothing and no one can keep her from getting out, but none of us will let her get involved in doing activities, so no worries.
Right away, I start thinking I should play it safe, head to the market and load myself up on potassium rich bananas. However, I myself had a blood test on the 27th of last month. Back in my unit, looking at the results, my potassium seems okay at 4.4. Sodium is a whole other story. I need to cut back.
At any rate, we’re all happy to see our favorite resident back.
A couple residents went to visit Jose the dog’s mom in rehab. She recognized them, asked, “Where am I? Whose apartment is this?” and then was in and out of lucidness.
Consensus is H is definitely not coming back. Now there is concern her troubled daughter will take her checkbook and rob her blind.
L, the resident that was caring for Jose, had a key to H's unit. She went so far as to actually go inside, take the checkbook, and gave it to the girls in the office asking they not let the daughter get ahold of it.
The office is trying to help but say they have no authority and can't withhold the checkbook from H's daughter forever.
It's just a bad situation and not much can be done to prevent her only relative of record from taking advantage.

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