Friday, August 4, 2017

Movie Day

And yet again, tonight’s movie is an oldie – Skyfall, with Daniel Craig as James Bond.
I’ve seen it twice. Cried both times. The first time because I didn’t see the death of M coming; second time because the death of M was still emotional.
So no, I’ll wait for a movie I’ve not seen – one with a happy ending.
I can’t offer up my latest acquisition -- The Cure to Wellness, because I’ve not yet had an opportunity to view it to determine if suitable for old people.
Wonder Woman should be coming out December 31st. I’ve already pre-ordered the DVD, will offer it up for Movie Night and watch it along with the folks – wearing my Wonder Woman leggings.
Other than Movie Night, Pizza Tuesday, and the occasional Bingo, there’s not much on the Activity Calendar this month – Adult Coloring on the 22nd, Ice Cream Social on the 29th.
Counted cross stitch is my coloring book, and I can’t eat ice cream, so I’m out.
Unsure am I if fewer activities is because Next Door Neighbor/President of the Residents Volunteer Activity Committee was impeached (she says she quit) and no one is really running the show now.
I suddenly had a thought … though I seriously doubt impeachment, IF the orange guy in the White House does get himself impeached, he’ll spin it like Next Door Neighbor, saying he quit.
Next Door Neighbor is angry though. She walks angry and, as an empath, I can feel her anger coming through the walls of her unit into mine.
Hopefully the new doormat arrives soon, as I need that strong chi to block her mad-at-the-world energy.
Another reason for fewer activities may be because it’s so darn hot that we’re dropping like flies.
Jose the dog’s mom H has been moved from the hospital to a rehab facility.
That doesn’t sound like she’s coming back.
Her daughter has taken Jose to live at her home.
That REALLY doesn’t sound like H is coming back.
Also, we received word that F, one of our Community Room regulars -- who’d been taken to rehab four months ago, passed away.
And shocker of all shockers, not just to us regulars in the Community Room, but to the entire complex is that The Baker has been hospitalized.
She began feeling woozy on Pizza Tuesday at Bingo. I wasn’t present, but am told she asked The Seer to help her back to her unit. Once there, she told The Seer, “You’d better call an ambulance”.
No word yet, as to what happened and how she’s doing.


  1. I don't know why but hearing that a Pres. of the resident volunteer committee got impeached made me laugh. She sounds a lot like our orange pig in office.
    This may sound odd but can you put some type of crystals by your shared wall to help keep her bad mojo over there and yours remains clear?

    1. I've used crystals in the past, so not odd at all. And you're not the first to say neighbor and the orange guy have a lot in common. She'll calm down eventually, but right now I'm sensing she's gonna blow.

  2. Oh, I hope your friend, The Baker, will recuperate and make it back home. Maybe it's just a change of meds that's needed.

    1. Thank you. Her family has been cautioning her to slow down, stop doing so much for so many for quite a long time. Hopefully she will recover and listen this time.