Friday, August 11, 2017

Life Imitating Art

Tonight’s movie -- here in the Community Room, is The Manchurian Candidate. Not a bad movie but, again, I’ve seen it … both the 2004 Denzel Washington version and the 1962 Frank Sinatra, Angela Lansbury, Laurence Harvey version, which is the one I like best and have watched countless times over the years.
Interesting fact … of the three stars (Sinatra, Lansbury, Harvey), Angela is the only one still living and, oddly enough, now in her 90’s, I just read online where she’s considering a reboot of Murder She Wrote.
I’d watch it.
However, I’ll pass on tonight’s movie, and not just because it’s once again a movie to be found on television and my least favorite version, but because it’s so terrifyingly real, in today’s political climate, that the movie would depress me -- life imitating art with a brain washed Manchurian candidate in the White House.
So, thank you Electoral College for that.
Next Door Neighbor seems to be doing much better.
Could it be the chi emanating from my unit, and the feng shui doormat, had an impact?
I choose to think so, because it is the nature of light to dispel darkness.
At any rate, she came out of seclusion yesterday. A few hours after that last post, she knocked on my door to return the DVD I’d loaned her, and was looking uncommonly bright, cheerful, cute, dressed in walking gear rather than her usual matronly wear.
She said she’d gotten up early and gone walking.
That’s new.
She’s never ever gone walking in the years since moving here, but kudos for doing so.
Another interesting fact … I recently heard sitting described as the new smoking.
I believe it.
Neighbor had a bit to say about how wrong those involved in the coup had been about her performance as President of the Association, which sounded a lot like that missing Stage 1 (Denial). She went on to say who she blamed for the coup (some correctly blamed, some incorrectly), she finished the conversation with “Oh well” -- Stage 5 (Acceptance).
So, though I don’t believe Neighbor will forgive and forget, she appears to be over it.
Now if the good chi would just flow downstairs to encourage the downstairs neighbor to lighten up -- get over her dislike of people, we'd be totally clear on this side of the quad.

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