Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Finger in Tack

It’s been one thing after another since the orange guy (the antichrist predicted by Nostradamus) came into power.

I’m working hard to stay on Center -- trust the Universe come what may, meditate (my form of prayer) for all concerned, maintain my spiritual integrity, but I wish the orange guy would stop speaking. Keep his ignorance and incompetence to himself. Stop with the twitter fingers, zip his lips and just SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!
So, that out of my system … waking up this morning, seeing the area around a cut on the finger I’d been treating a few days with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide had turned dark, I immediately figured I’d contracted gangrene and needed to head to the Emergency Room.
Booting up the computer, to email the doctor, I got a better look at the “infected” area and thought I saw a light film over it.

I touched it and found the dark area was sticky residual from the bandage I’d peeled off the night before.
So, since it looked like I wasn’t going to die or lose a finger this morning, I gathered my things and, fingers in tack, headed down to see what Pizza Tuesday was going to be like today.
Once again, Activity Director was a no show and, once again, she’d made no arrangements for a replacement.
The usual helpful residents (Apache, V, N, M, The Seer) pitched in and tried to corral the seniors, to no avail. No one listened, no one followed directions, it was Wild Kingdom all over again.
At one point, V and N got into an ugly argument – over which of them took what and when.
N was the aggressor and took her outrage to other residents, to garner support for her position.
It was an unnecessary argument, as there was plenty for all but hopefully the argument will ring the death knoll for Pizza Tuesday.
The chaos needs to stop.
The Baker was in attendance, she’s looking better. Still has to take it easy, but her family, giving her permission to drive, has returned her car.
She’s still not to get involved in activities, but next Wednesday is The Seer’s birthday. We’re planning a party – that is if The Baker’s family allows her to exert herself by making cupcakes and if the orange guy hasn’t killed us all before then with his nuclear war and his homegrown terrorists.
The folks saw it as quite a treat when that company came in a few weeks ago with Starbucks coffee, so my contribution will be a box of Starbuck coffee.

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