Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fire on the Hill

We had a fire yesterday afternoon.

I only learned of the fire when my Facebook friend, The Archeologist, posted “Our hill is ablaze”.
“I don’t hear fire engines. They usually pass my complex”, said I.
“It’s in Waterman Canyon” said she.
So outside I go to look in that direction. Sure enough, I could see the fire was in a location trucks could not go, which accounted for no sirens, but helicopters quickly appeared and four/five drops later, it was out.
While outside, ran into neighbors and learned Jose the dog’s mom was transferred from the hospital, where she’d been placed on IVs to another, where she is said to now be stable and eating. A good sign.
No idea as to what befell her, but it appears she’s on the mend and will be returning.
She’s fortunate and the exception to what around her seems to be the rule because, generally speaking, once the ambulance takes one of our very elderly residents away, that’s all she wrote -- we never see them again.
Jose is being cared for and walked by a neighbor.
And so we come to today … another Pizza Tuesday.
My wake-up call this morning is thunder and lightning.
Hopefully it’s not an omen as to what today’s senior activities will look and sound like.


  1. I think I would prefer snow to fire near my home. But then again, ask me in January. :-)

    1. Though I've never seen or experienced snow, I'd have to agree with snow over fire.