Thursday, June 29, 2017


Neighbor who had the traffic accident is going through a terrible time. Returning to her unit yesterday, from a few day’s recuperating at her son’s place, she caught me at my car and unloaded.
She still doesn’t know if the other driver is insured but suspects not, because the other driver has already hired an attorney and is asking for $25,000, even though both were fortunate to have no serious injuries, both just banged up. What makes the other driver seem like an opportunist, looking to score a big payday is the fact that, at the scene after the accident, the other driver thanked neighbor … “Thank you for paying off my car.”
What an odd thing to say.
I was correct about neighbor having had enough of California, wanting to head back to Nevada, because she’d put that move in motion prior to the accident; but then the Universe put up roadblocks which, to her are aggravations to fight and push through -- the last roadblock being this accident. To me, roadblocks are signs. In neighbor’s case, I think the Universe is telling her California is where she is to be for now.
One cannot fight the Universe.
Our arms are too short to box with God.
A notice went up on the board last week announcing a Card Making class scheduled for this past Monday, hosted by the deeply religious woman who got upset with me at the Egg Coloring Party because she’d hinted it not proper to attend an upcoming food event because of Lent and I said, “I’m not catholic.”
Card making is not a craft I’m interested in, so I passed. Evidently, no one else was interested because the class was cancelled due to lack of interest.
Deeply Religious took it personal. She walked into the Community Room on Pizza Tuesday, made everyone aware of how hurt she was no one signed up for her class and announced, “I’ll never do that again.”
Last Friday’s movie, Beauty and the Beast, was well received. Folks I’d never seen before came out for the viewing. When I saw the stack of movies planned for future showings – all old stuff, previously seen on television, I offered up Age of Adaline, which I picked up a few months ago, for tomorrow’s Movie Night.

I doubt anyone here has heard of it, so it’s likely to be a small crowd; but it’s quite an interesting tale about a woman who does not age, starring Blake Lively and Harrison Ford, well worth viewing.
After that, I guess it’s back to their stack of old seen on TV movies because that’s all I’ve got that isn’t vampires and werewolves --True Blood Series, Twilight Saga, Dexter. Because I have a phobia about sitting in dark theaters, in chairs where countless others have sat, and suspect there are creepy crawling things all over the place that I can't see and protect myself from, because it's dark, I don't go to movies. Instead, I wait for DVDs and the only other DVD I’m planning on purchasing this year is Wonder Woman.
I’ve got Madea Halloween to offer, but that’s something to be shown in October.
The remake of Clint Eastwood’s old movie The Beguiled is looking interesting, so maybe that will be a purchase but, with that hot Colin Farrell playing the lead, I’m thinking it might be a bit too steamy to offer for Movie Night.
Looks like we’re having a 4th of July BBQ on Sunday, the 2nd. Not yet sure I’ll attend. I have the last of the 5Ks I’d registered for to take care of that day, plan to walk the Ontario Mills Mall, and may not be up to hanging out with the folks.
We’ll see.

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