Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Déjà vu

Another Tuesday has rolled around here at the senior complex. You know what that means …. It’s Pizza Day.
With nothing on my schedule, except a desire to stay out of the heat, I once again took my needlepoint project down to the Community Room.

Having begun this landscape in February, now about two months away from completing, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t like it. Landscapes are not my thing. I only chose this project because it’s what was available at the time.
Mentioning to a group of ladies inquiring about the project that I’d probably just roll up and store once finished, because “I don’t like it … maybe my kids will discover it after I’m gone and want to do something with it”, the resident I call The Seer interjected, “I like it.”
“You do? Do you want it?”
“I won’t say no.”
“Okay then, it’s yours.”
That’s one less thing in storage.
Pizzas arrived on schedule at 10:30, but Activity Director is not scheduled to be in today. Inasmuch as she didn’t appreciate two residents stepping up last week, taking control in her place, distributing pizzas in an organized manner, I was a stinker, wanted to prove a point, so reminded everyone, “Activity Director said no one is to touch the pizzas until she arrives. Since she won’t be here until next Tuesday, I think we should wait for her.”
Of course, no one waited. They were more interested in eating than proving a point.
Would you believe, it was The Baker – the resident who was so upset at last week’s Father’s Day Potluck because she felt overwhelmed and being taken advantage of … would you believe she stepped in and took Activity Director’s place.
“You’re too nice”, said I to her.

"Well, if I don't do it, we might lose Pizza Day altogether", says she.

"And so it would be", said I. "Because I'd let it go all to hell".
What can I say. She's either a bigger person than I or more willing to be victimized than I.
At any rate, it was déjà vu for the old guy on the cane – balancing multiple pizzas, chicken and bread packets on one side, cane in the other. At one point I gasped, because he was holding the pizzas sideways under his arm, opening side facing down to where one pizza nearly slid out the box.
They even had a gluten free pizza this time, which The Baker offered me.

I declined.
Gluten-Free doesn’t necessarily mean made with almond meal flower, no corn starch, rice flower, soy, corn syrup. Besides, I don’t eat cheese.
Great idea though, for people that only have a problem with the gluten.
BTW, heading to the Community Room, I noticed the guys had fixed the gate.

It once again has a handle, and the handle requires a key to gain entry … same key we’d previously been issued.
Our little gated community is a little less compromised.

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