Friday, July 1, 2016

4th of July Potluck

The resident I refer to in this blog as “The Baker” contacted me earlier in the week saying inasmuch as there’s no sign of a 4th of July celebration forthcoming from management or the Activity Director, why don’t I join her, the residents I refer to as Apache, The Seer, and Christian Writer in a little potluck today 4:00 to celebrate … and pass the word on to other residents.

“Sure”, says I. “Sign me up for potato salad”.

So after completing that second race yesterday morning – Stars and Stripes 5K, posting a time of 3.26 miles, 1:20:02 minutes, before the aches and pains took my body completely over, I crashed and needed to soak in Epsom Salt once again, I headed to the market deli for that potato salad.

At Age 69, I did my first 5K. Immediately hooked since then, I’ve been averaging one 5K per month. Having never been the athletic type, at my now age and weight, it’s getting tough. My finishing time is getting slower and slower, and it’s taking longer and longer for my body to recover.

Still a little stiff and sore this morning, I’m feeling physically over 5Ks, but I’ve been here before. I distinctly recall posting last year/year before that I was DONE. So though feeling this time I’m REALLY done, don’t hold me to it because the mind forgets the struggle, a notification pops up in email or facebook and it’s like …

Today’s potluck menu was hamburgers and hot dogs. I don’t eat either so, while in the market, I had also picked up a package of turkey dogs for myself, and others who won’t eat what’s been provided.

Arriving in the Community Room, color me pleasantly surprised to find a little over 20 or so residents had joined in.

“Pleasantly surprised” because the last activity -- Father’s Day Potluck, had been an epic failure.

I myself did not attend and had expected only the usual suspects would -- The Baker, her husband, possibly Apache, Christian Writer, The Seer. The menu was planned around spaghetti and meatballs, which Christian Writer signed up to provide. She also tried to change my mind about not attending, luring me in that she was also making a lemon crème pie.

She’s a good cook, so I thought about it, decided not and it was a good decision because she failed to show. With no spaghetti, no meatballs, no crème pie, the Activity Director was forced to rush to Subway for sandwiches.

That's why the fact so many residents showed up and brought a dish was such a nice surprise.

I was glad I dressed for the occasion having, at the very last minute, changed from regular black leggings to the patriotic leggings I made two years ago.


  1. I remember those leggings! It's been two years already??? Oh my gosh, how time just flies by on your blog! Happy Independence Day.

    1. LOL. It caught me by surprise as well when I realized I'd made these for the 2014 4th of July race in Long Beach and here we are July 2016 already. Time moves fast in the blog world.