Tuesday, September 22, 2015

They Had Me at Bacon

Today started off with laundry and housework. The Activities Director is here today, only the second time she’s been back since that disappointing Labor Day event she’d hosted, and she might as well have not returned at all because no one is interested. There’s absolutely nothing on the calendar and, when I walked by the Community Room, I saw only two residents.

I’ve no desire to go down for, in addition to laundry, I’ve got an urge to reorganize the hall closet and shampoo the carpet. For sure I can’t get it all done today. I’ll spread the household projects out through the week.

I took a break between wash/dry and checked in on blogs I read.

Kathy over at The Second Half of My Life posted a fun peanutize – turn yourself into a Peanuts Character.

This is Me as a Schultz Character
There was no option for braids but, on Sunday, I’d had seven inches lopped off my braids. So with the new shoulder length haircut, this characterization works.

This last weekend turned hot.

Consequently, I never did make it to the Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion, despite the fact the event ran for three days. In fact, on Saturday, I never even made it any further from the complex than Starbucks. I ventured our further on Sunday, but only because I had that appointment with the locktician for a haircut.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a “locktician” is a braids beautician.

I began growing my locks in September of 1998 and cut them to shoulder length every seven years -- when they’ve grown uncomfortably long to where I’m almost sitting on them.

After chopping my locks to a comfortable shoulder length, the locktician said she planned to attend a Halloween party as Bat Girl and asked if I’d make her a tutu or show her how to make one. I’ve got tutus coming out of my ears, only one or two of which I think I might find a future use for, so I offered to give her the batgirl tutu.

She accepted and, when I got home, pulled out the tutu container, I realized I’d disassembled THAT tutu and used the black pieces in a tutu I’d made for the Hocus Pocus 5K. So remainder of the weekend was disassembling that other tutu and reassembling bat girl.

And speaking of 5Ks, I received notice over this last weekend of a Bacon Run 5K, Saturday the 26th.

They had me at “Bacon”, so I signed up.

If the weather turns hot again, I can take my time walking the course because, according to the flyer, there are various “Bacon Stations” along the course. In addition, vendors will be offering various bacon themed foods and participants that finish will receive a bacon medal and have access to the “Bacon Bar”.

Participants are encouraged to “Dress-to-impress, wear your finest Bacon-themed outfit (pig nose, pig tail, bacon outfit, Kevin Bacon-ey)”. I received notice too late to come up with an outfit, so I’ll be wearing regular race wear.

I'll post photos of clever costumes. I'm really interested in seeing what a "Kevin Bacon-ey" costume looks like.