Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day

I just realized that not only is today Labor Day, today also marks the beginning of my fifth year of sliding the chute.

Yep, I officially retired on September 7, 2010.

I usually buy something to mark the occasion. In the past, I’d generally be walking into Starbucks, forgetting all about my anniversary date until I’d spot a Starbucks Anniversary Mug -- issued because Starbuck’s Anniversary coincided with mine, so I'd add the special issue mug to my already extensive collection of Starbucks memorabilia.

Starbucks issued no mug this year. Instead, they put out Anniversary Blends.

I’ve no interest in making my own coffee, and I’ve nothing else up my sleeves to commemorate the date, so I’m going to settle for the fact I even remembered without an anniversary mug to jog my memory.

Yesterday’s get-together appeared to have been successful.

It was hot as Hyades when I headed for the patio area at the appointed time of 2:00. As I approached, I saw everything was already in full swing, with quite a few residents packed into the patio area.

They must have gotten started early, though I, because people were already eating.

I’d had a premonition the festivities might begin early, because they generally do when food is involved so, when I returned from the market with the hot dogs buns and chips, inasmuch as the route to my parking spot went right by Apache’s unit, I parked, got out of the car, rang his bell and handed over the buns and chips.

“Aren’t you coming?” asked Apache.

“Yes, but I figured you’d be out there early to get things started.”

And so it was.

I never did get to see whether there were outlets for the George Forman grills or if hibachis were utilized instead because, halfway there, I spotted Creepy Guy’s bushy gray hair and, just as I said I would, I turned right around and returned to my air conditioned unit.

The heat AND creepy guy … I just couldn’t.


  1. June was my 5 year retirement anniversary. Since I'm trying to get rid of stuff, it never occurred to me to buy something to commemorate the event. My retired school friends all celebrate the first day of school by going out to lunch and toasting our good fortune to not being in the classroom.

    1. Going out to celebrate NOT being in the classroom is a fun way to go.