Thursday, February 2, 2023

Caught Off Guard

My little stalker caught me off guard this afternoon.

Every time I heard a noise on the stairs last two days, I prepared myself to duck down — if the kitchen blinds were open and I was on the laptop, so I couldn't be seen. Thus far, it’s been delivery people for either myself or Next Door Neighbor.

Today, I didn’t see her on the complex, did not hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. It was just all of a sudden, around 5:00, there was knock knock knock knock on the door.

Caught completely off guard, I thought OH CRAP! then told myself Don’t answer, Don’t answer.

I tried not to but gave in, answered the door.

She didn’t hug me this time, just stood there awkward like.

Maybe she can feel my energy towards her has changed.

There were no words as I stared at her, she stared at me, I stared at her, she stared back at me.

Finally, it was "Can I come in?" and before I could answer she stepped inside and began looking around.

Trying to figure out what she was looking for I said "What???".

"Where’s the red one?"

Not understanding what she wanted, I said "The what?”.

"The red one … Where’s the red one?"

She meant the red bear she’d supposedly bought for me, but then took back.

"Do you mean Sunny? You took it back already".

She looked confused, said "Oh yeah" and began coughing.

"OH NOOOOOOOO!" said I as I panicked, went "Get out! Get out! Get out!" and shooed her out the door.

As she went flying down the stairs, I stuck my head out to say something to Grandma Talker.

Not seeing Talker, I asked, "Where is your grandma? Does she know you're here?"

I didn't get an answer but, as I reached for the Lysol to spray out the cooties, I heard the Talker's voice.

Granddaughter must have had a distressed look on her face because I could hear Grandma's concerned voice say, "What happened?".

I went down the stairs, saw Talker over by the bench with her best friend in the complex (A) and filled her in .... "She tried to give me cooties, coughed on me. Came all the way up here to try to make me sick".

Both Talker and A thought it was funny, began laughing, but Talker did tell granddaughter, "You can’t do that", as if she could help coughing. But don’t come around me if you’re sick.

At any rate, maybe the fact that I chased her off will be the end of this.

I can only hope, and I'd better not get sick.


  1. Drats! I still have my masks by my front and back doors on Command hooks on the doorframes. The rare visits I get, I have them wait til I put on my mask before opening the door. No body comes in unless they wear a mask. Do NOT inject the Lysol into your veins! Spraying was a good idea. Linda in Kansas

    1. I still keep hand sanitizer and Lysol spray on the counter by the door, but that's a good idea about masking self before opening the door. I'm gonna start doing that with everyone who knocks.

  2. Replies
    1. First she was just an energy drain. Now she's trying to unalive me with cooties.

  3. What a strange encounter - hopefully she will get the hint now!

    1. Very strange. Hopefully her grandma gets the hint.

  4. Should'a doused the little terrorist in Lysol!

    1. Might have done her some good as children are notorious little germ carriers. Now I know why Talker is frequently "not feeling well".

  5. I don't understand why people allow a Sick Child to be out in Public, for the Child's Sake and Healing, as well as not passing around whatever they have that could be contagious. I see folks dragging their clearly unwell Children all over the place, instead of staying Home and tending to them so they can recover and not get everyone else Sick. You will have to be kindly firm, I think she's at an Age of enough Understanding to be diplomatic about it, just tell her you're too busy or too tired to visit anyone right now and I'd even add, have a great day playing with your OTHER Friends, Smile, close the Door... or Walk Off if it was an in Person encounter.

    1. I'm beginning to feel guilty for freaking out at the kid. I'm sure it frightened her but yes, a cough can have dire consequences around here. One regret of my life is that I wish I'd been more honest with people, confrontational if you will, tell them straight out how I feel. So, what you're saying about handling it as an in-person encounter is something I've never been able to do and though I regret it, it seems I still cannot take that approach. I'm a hide, avoid and ghost 'em kind of being because I don't like hurting people's feelings.