Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Day After

Already over yesterday’s horrible date with the dentist, Dr. Mc Dreamy, I was able to get caught up on my exercise homework first thing this morning, then get out, run errands ─ car wash, gas, groceries.
The price of gas was a shock.

Still, instead of saving gas by heading to the market on the corner, I drove way out-of-the-area to the market, same chain, in a nicer area because our market is redlining us yet again.
They had this big todo, a short while ago, with sprucing up the outside, the inside, had a bunch of bigwigs hanging around, then announced a Grand Reopening.
It was pretty sweet for a while ─ the nicest of fresh fruit and vegies, etc., but last week I noticed they’d backslid into eggs with a sell by in two days, fruit/vegies that looked unappealing, saving money for the corporation by dumping that which is least desirable, soon to be unsaleable, on folks that have no choice but to accept because they have no transportation out of the area.
So off I went to the market where the new senior complex is going up, next door to the fire department.
Checking on the lot behind the market, I see work has begun.

The location is ideal, with the shopping center to the left, the walking trail behind, Fire Department to the right ─ a daily dose of this going back/forth in the area …..

Eye Candy

Construction is due to be completed by Fall of 2020. So, though I love my unit, like my neighbors, the price is right, have no plans to move, a lot can happen between now and then, so we’ll see.
Tomorrow is Q’s brunch in the beach area.
After he talked me into rethinking my rsvp thanks but no, I thought it over and decided it really would have been too much trouble to head out of town this weekend. THEN, senior moment, I quickly forgot to let him know I was a definite no.
Fortunately, thoughts of the event rolled back around and I was able to let him know I’d not be making it down that way with enough lead time, I think, not to shop groceries to prepare a special meal for me.
“Aww ok. Next time!” was his reply, so I think we’re good.
Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, is my no exercise day. I'll be laying low, watching television, working on crafts.


  1. Interesting. I knew there was such a thing going on but I didn't know it had a name. There are four of the same grocery in the relative near area. One in the wealthier neighborhood has the best fresh fruits and vegetables. The one nearest my house is old and small and I go there for quick pick ups. There is one I like by my last house but I drive past all of them to go to the one farther away. They rotate and reduce items constantly so I have decided it is worth my while to drive to get a variety of items when they are, hopefully, marked down. I like to save a penny if I can but if something is not looking good I just head to one of the others close by.

    1. A lot of folks are unaware. They don't read the sell by dates and realize they're being taken advantage of.