Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Days Weeks Months Later

After 13 months, an estimated 2,972 hours, I’m just days away from completing that needlepoint project.

I’ve already purchased the poly fill, backing and trim to turn it into a decorative pillow, so there’ll be no delay and I can immediately start in on my next project ─ a gift for Twin 2 because she said, “I want something” ─ meaning she wants one of my counted cross-stitch projects in her home.
I certainly wasn’t going to part with anything I’ve already made ─ she can have them when I’m dead, so I compromised with a pattern I think she’d like.

This newest project should go a lot quicker as there are not as many moving parts.
I'm thinking maybe in time for Christmas, but it will have to be framed, rather than turned into a decorative pillow, because she has a dog that thinks everything coming into the house is his.
And while I’m on the subject of time periods. It’s taken 12 months for Corporate to find a new victim ... oops! I mean a new Community Manager, but finally they have someone in the position as of this past Monday.
This makes him our sixth Community Manager in my seven years of living here. To recap, the other five were either fired or quit.
The new guy is coming to us all the way from Texas so, after going through the hassle of relocating to California, I have a feeling he’ll tough out whatever Corporate throws at him and stick around for a while.
It may be the double-standard will come into play and, because he’s male not female, Corporate won’t ride his arse as much as they did others.
Time will tell.
Elsewhere on the complex, Nosey (the neighbor across the quad, downstairs corner unit that sits inside her unit, watches everything that goes on, gets up and rushes to her patio to eavesdrop on conversations if she hears talking going on outside) was taken to the hospital this past Sunday. She fell in her unit, broke her hip.
That’s very bad news for her, a widow with her only family being a sister, but not surprising. It’s what happens around here with those who sit all day, no exercise, never go out ─ not even to walk as far as the Community Room to attend events. I’ve watched inactivity lead neighbors to strokes and to dependency on a walker.
Doing nothing, going nowhere is an easy trap to fall into. I should know because, after the Wonder Woman 5K back in November, I all of a sudden came down with the inactivity bug and was quite content to sit on the couch day after day after day. BUT the more I sat, the worse I felt ─ weak, tired, back ached, knees hurt.
So happy am I to have become “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, nipped my inactivity in the bud and to now be pushing myself with a personal trainer.
Not sure if Nosey will be able to return and care for herself. I hope so. No one minds her being nosey. She’s nice, friendly, keeps an eye out and alerts us to anything we need to know ... and sometimes gets in our ears with that which we don’t need to know, but fun to hear. LOL.


  1. It's true, not moving will kill you. Keep moving, stay alive. But it can sure be hard when it's so cold and wet out like this past winter.

    1. So true. In fact, it was all that rain we had for weeks and weeks and weeks that got me started on staying in doing nothing.

  2. I think your daughter will love that cross-stitch. With all the sewing on the current work, her's will seem like a breeze.

    1. I had no idea the pattern on the one I'm completing was 13 pages and 18 count. If the color photo had not been so pretty, and I was determined to have it, I'd have quit a long time ago.

  3. I had my knee done a week ago, and my right eye cataract taken out today. Now thhe only question is "when can I get back in the pool."

    1. Next on my agenda, after the dentist finishes with me is new glasses. Last they checked, I had the beginnings of a cataract. I'm hoping it's not worse but, if it is, and considering I can't handle pain … how difficult was that surgery?

  4. WOW! Your work...needlework, that is, is absolutely beautiful. I call anything that takes that long to finish real dedication.

    That's great advice about inactivity. I've fallen into that for various reasons, but know I need to change. A lifelong friend is moving into the house next to mine and hopefully, that'll help motivate me to get out of the house and join the land of the living instead of being a troglodyte.