Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Walking into the Community Room yesterday Brrrr! is what I felt .... a freezing cold atmosphere in the room.
The event was the Easter Potluck and I arrived late, popped in briefly, coming directly from a session with the personal trainer, to take pics for the residents' facebook page.
No one was talking.
No one seemed to be having a good time and the room was nearly empty, with only a handful of residents in attendance.
I quickly assessed the situation and attributed the pall over the event to the presence of The Seer and Shadow.
They were sitting at a corner table, away from other residents, The Seer looking dark and ominous.
The personality traits she’s demonstrated since hooking up with Shadow (bitter, overly sensitive ─ imagining slights where none were intended, critical and resentful of others) make her no longer pleasant to talk to or be around, so I assume the pall over the room was everyone being on eggshells.
Fortunately, she rarely attends events these days. Preferring to spend all her time in a corner of the Game Room, on the computer while Shadow is at the pool table or in their respective units.
I’d said a cherry hey to the room as I entered.
Didn’t hear anyone reply.
So, as I walked around taking a few pics, I tried to engage first the Activity Director, then Church Lady.
Neither would look up and engage.
Activity Director seemed depressed. I’m not sure if it was the brrrr atmosphere bringing her down or the fact so few attended.
Probably both.
On my way out, heading for my unit, I noticed The Seer was sitting alone. Shadow had gone out for a smoke. So, I made a point to stop by her table, say hey.
Now she engaged!
She wouldn’t stop talking but, like I said, I don’t enjoy our conversations any longer so, as soon as I was able, I excused myself saying I had to go recover from my workout.
So that was yesterday.
This morning was that second-opinion appointment with the dentist ─ Dr. Mc Dreamy.
Arriving as 10:26 for my 10:30 appointment, there was no wait time. I was immediately called in.
Mc Dreamy attributed the off/on discomfort, to the left side of my jaw, not to the loose crown, but to a bite issue.
He used that drill thingie, called the bite corrected, no charge.
As for the crown replacement, no way around it, the work has to be done, a $1255 procedure.
But it is what it is.
I asked if dentistry had evolved to a kinder gentler method of numbing other than the needle.
There are options he said, none of which they use because they’ve not been proven effective.
They will, however, apply a numbing gel before using the needle.
The whole consultation took less than 10 minutes, but Mc Dreamy began talking about his wife’s visit out-of-state to attend to her terminally ill mom. For a half an hour, he spoke on the family drama ─ the poor woman with only weeks to live, and her children (sons, daughters) fighting for control of the estate.
His wife has the Power of Attorney, but on the financial side, not the medical.
It was done that way because whoever set it up did not want the individual with financial control to also have medical control, for obvious reasons, so no one is in charge of medical.
The youngest of the children (a son) wants his money now to fund a move to Florida, so he’s undermining what medical care the others have agreed to put in place to make mom comfortable for the time she has remaining. He wants mom off pain meds because he wants her lucid so he can control her and get her to agree to what it is he wants.
He doesn’t get that she won’t be lucid because of the pain she’ll have without the meds.
Plus, youngest son doesn’t believe mom’s dying of cancer. He thinks the telephone lines have made her ill.
He sounds delusional and dangerous.
It was a fascinating story Mc Dreamy was telling me, but most of the time I was looking at his face thinking how handsome he still is, watching his mouth move as he spoke, and daydreaming about his handsome self.
At any rate, back on Friday. If he hurts me, my opinion will probably change. I’ll begin thinking of him as a whole lot less handsome.


  1. Bless you girl. I am working on gathering my courage to get my work done. Not looking forward to it but what other choice do we have.

  2. I think crowns and bridges have made my mouth the most valuable part of my body.