Monday, January 7, 2019

Seven Days In

I don’t know which is worse about living in the Inland Empire ─ the triple digit soaring heat or the freezing cold.
We don’t experience four seasons here. Instead, it’s Summer or it’s Winter and, with one extreme to the other, it’s either too hot to go out and be active or too cold, wet, windy.
Other than bemoaning the weather, using weather as an excuse for turning into a couch potato, it’s a whole lot of nothing going on. With nothing on my plate, nothing to do, nowhere to go, I’ve been able to put in 10/12-hour days into that needlepoint project.
At this rate, I might be able to complete this project by end of this year rather than 2020.
Looking at the January activity calendar, it doesn’t appear any senior activities will break into my needlepoint time as there is not a single activity listed.
The position of Community Manager is still advertised as open, applications being accepted on Corporate’s website. It’s been up since November, so the fact there appear to be no takers might indicate people are getting wise to the perils of working for Corporate.
It behooves one to do due diligence, research before submitting an application whatever the agency.
It’s also a good idea, in the interview, to ask about previous holders of the job ─ how many have been in the position, how long they held the job, why did they leave.
If the interviewer looks uncomfortable with answering those questions, run.
If the answer sounds like the job is like working at the current White House ─ a revolving door, run.
Looking at the photos my buddy Apache finally got around to posting on the community’s Facebook page, there was indeed a New Year’s Eve celebration. Didn’t seem like much celebrating went on with only four photos and what looks to be a handful of seniors, maybe six ─ The Seer and Shadow included.
Glad I didn’t waste my time going to that.
I did spend some time trying to work out how I could fly to New Orleans, spend a week there without getting sick because of my gut issues.
Unable to figure out how to manage taking my own food and cooking equipment on the flight and/or how to get what I needed in New Orleans, I had to turn down the opportunity to accompany Twin 1 as she presented what she does for the homeless at an event.
I’m not sorry though, as I’m not fond of travelling, especially by air now that there are so many restrictions.
I did think about driving the 1,845 miles (28 hours), with planned stops, the Instant Pot and safe foods in the trunk of the car. 
Having had the Jeep since February of last year, and only 3856 miles on it, I do need to put in some drive time. The event isn’t until March, so a road trip is still an option. Except, I’m not getting a good feeling about the organization hosting the event, don’t wish to go to so much trouble for them and feel Twin 1 should also say thanks but no thanks ─ even though they’re paying for her flight and hotel.
The farthest I’ve ever driven in my life is straight through to Sacramento (around 8 hours, 500 miles) through a scary stretch of highway known as The Grapevine. I was driving a Toyota back then, only had to make one pit stop.
Back then, the sign of a safe clean place to stop was a golden arch. There being no such logo along the route when nature called, I pulled into the only place available, another easily recognized chain known by its bright yellow five-pointed star, which should have been okay.
It wasn’t.
Because it was the only sign of civilization on a long stretch of mountainous road, many others had pulled in for the same reason as I. There was a long line and staff cared nothing of making sure the facility, so close to where food was served and eaten, was clean. It was disgusting. The experience scarred me for life.
Now the sign of a safe clean place to stop is a circle with a mermaid/siren in the center.
Looking at the route I’d be taking, it appears I’d be travelling through Arizona, New Mexico, crossing into Texas, and there are Starbucks along the way, some in malls, but I'll pass on this trip, wait for something that has a better feel about it ─ like a faraway meditation retreat or 5K.
Speaking of putting on miles, while the Jeep isn't getting much drive time, my body has been on the road racking up miles at a fast pace because, according to science, on an undisclosed date, because I don’t celebrate, the body reached the 75th time travelling 584 million miles around the sun.
Same route 75 times ... and I’m still not bored. Always an adventure of one kind or another.


  1. I can only hope that I will be as active and finding an life of adventure when I reach that 75th time around the sun. I do celebrate mine with abandon. Favorite holiday is my birthday. I'm catching up.

    1. You're not alone. Birthdays are generally huge around here, so I imagine I'd better look up the dates and be prepared to do something nice for my favorites -- Apache and The Baker. The Seer is no longer a favorite, so bah humbug. Let her Shadow do it.

  2. Yeah, there is NOTHING filthier than roadside gas station toilets! Yuck!

    1. Someone needs to invent a car-sized portable potty.

  3. Happy Unknown Around the Sun Anniversary :-)

  4. Gosh, it has been so long since i took a road trip I can't even remember the last one. I can remember so many off the top of my head that I took when I was young - even when I had a car full of babies. When and why did I stop traveling? Good thing my long term memory is still working or I would feel like I missed something. Maybe something will come along to make me want to go but I'm like you - it has got to feel right.

    1. It's never too late. You can always restart your adventurous spirit.

  5. And you are looking simply great. Are you coming to Comic Con?