Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Cats and Dogs

That’s what it’s been looking like around here since last week.
There was a long enough break in the weather this afternoon to allow me to finally take out the trash, check the mailbox and make a quick run to the market, but that’s as far as I could get before the downpour started up again.
I’d been trying since last week to get to the medical center for blood work, so the doctor’s office will stop harassing me, but looks like there won’t be another long enough break in the weather until Friday.
I’d actually driven to the medical center in October to get that blood work off the table but, upon checking in, was told it was not in the system that the doctor had requested.
It was a good thing it was a non-fast because, if I’d starved myself since the night before only to be turned away, I’d have been a lot more annoyed than I was.
At any rate, I’d sent an email to the doc (10/15) that I’d been unable to comply with her request and why.
It wasn’t until 12/05 I received a response ─ “The labs are now in the system. Please stop by to complete these labs when you get a chance”.
Well since they didn’t rush to get their act together, I was not in a rush to comply, so I tabled blood work until I decided to get around to it and have endured a steady stream of harassment since. There are constant Action Required messages, her office has even been so bold as to schedule appointments for me ─ appointments which I’ve immediately cancelled because how dare you.
Having barely moved from the couch since the Holidays, a drive out of the area to the medical center is beginning to look like a pleasant change of pace, so I’m ready ─ but not in the rain.
Yesterday was the day I started feeling like being active again. The Ontario 5K is this coming Saturday ─ too soon because I haven’t trained since November. There are some fun looking races coming up in Long Beach and Santa Monica in the near future, but too far.
I might, change my mind, so thinking I might book a hotel and register for one or two or three, I put down the needlepoint yesterday, got off the couch and made it all the way across the room to my mini-gym to start indoor training until I can get out walking.

After so much time being inactive, thought I'd have a hard time restarting, but nooooo. Thirty minutes on the bike, 20 minutes yoga was easy peasy.
While picking up mail during the break in the rain this afternoon, I made a stop in the Community Room to see if any activities had been posted to the board.
There are none.
However, I did see Friday’s Movie Night is “Monsters Ball”.
I wonder whose idea that was, because the sex scenes between Haley Barry and Billy Bob Thornton aren’t really senior-appropriate. Going to be some red faces, closed eyes and hands covering the ears to block out naughty talk.


  1. Well...you might as well break down and do it. I couldn't do the urine, and the results showed my kidneys were failing. Yes mam, I am guzzeling water.

  2. You'll have to post a progress photo of your needlework so we can see it!

    1. Soon. Working on it 10/12 hour days, I've made quite a lot of progress. Way ahead of schedule and already thinking about what to do next … if the eyes hold out.

  3. Okay that is a first, not senior appropriate?
    Seniors I am certain have done this before and maybe even watched porn in the 70's. :-).

    1. You'd be surprise at how PG some of us have become after a certain age. We don't like to think about having done it before. Yuk! I'm almost tempted to go to Movie Night to see reactions but don't want to waste my time because Haley's acting skills in it are terrible, even though she won an Oscar.

  4. Cute little piece of equipment. I was just reading a post today about a woman who lost 120 pounds by walking 3000 steps a day in her one bedroom apartment. Wowzy.