Friday, January 20, 2017

Twas a Dark and Stormy Day

Today’s all day rain was like the angels crying for us, with us.

Flash flood warnings popped up on my phone and during television programs, but I’d appropriately prepared to stay indoors and was completely self-contained with plenty of water, diy coffee and the ability to finally get some exercise in.

In just the relatively short time I’ve been unable to walk on a daily basis, I’d begun to feel slow, sluggish, old. Thinking I’d gain a ton of weight to be feeling so lousy, I headed down to the scale in the Game Room a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised to see I’d not gained a pound. I’d have been even more pleasantly surprised if I’d lost weight, but was happy to know I’d not gained, that it was just the inactivity deluding me into thinking and feeling so.

Two days on the bike and I’m feeling better already.

I about died first ride, but that was yesterday -- shortly after I finished assembling it. My energy was depleted, body was stiff/achy/sore and I tapped out at exactly 1 minute.

Day 2, this morning, I started off with 5 minutes, took a break, moved up to 8 minutes, took a break did 10 minutes. Later in the afternoon, I put in 20 minutes and will probably put in another 15/20 before bed.

I’d purchased a mat to protect the carpet, but it’s become clear I’m going to need a puffy seat cover to provide some padding. For now, I’m using a towel.

Tomorrow, Day 3, is the first day I’ll be logging in miles towards the Route 66 Challenge, but not the original one I was interested in – Route 66 end-to-end (2,280 miles). That would have committed me to around 200 miles a month, which is a doable 50 miles a week, but I decided to start off slow with a 66 mile challenge.

If it’s dry tomorrow, I’ll head to Sprouts after my morning ride, to load up on supplies before the next storm hits.

As for the angels crying for us, with us, to keep worry at bay, I have to keep reminding myself no good thing lasts forever, but neither does any bad thing last forever.

This too shall pass.


  1. All those women marching yesterday reminded me of this. Bravo for the bike rides.

    1. Thanks! Can't wait for this year's Tour de France to be televised so I can ride along with the guys. Yesterday's march was really something. Looked like each individual location had better attendance than the inaugural.