Saturday, January 7, 2017

Senior Moment

Yesterday was my first senior moment of the year.

The plan had been to get out and take care of business early, just in case the rain decided to make another appearance. I didn’t even take time for breakfast after bathing, dressing, makeup. It was hit the University’s PokéStops first, then the ATM next door to Starbucks for cash, then Starbucks for a Venti Coffee and a pound of coffee for home.

Heading out the door to the car, I snuck a peek at the downstairs neighbor’s patio to check for mess caused by mud washing down from mine.

No mess at all.

The rain had washed her patio clean.

At the University, I managed to hit up 31 PokéStops and logged in 2.45 miles before the foot began to ache. The balls collected at the stops still were not enough because, now at Level 22, it’s getting harder and harder to catch Pokémon. The little buggers fight more, break free more often, require more balls to be brought down.

It’s getting a little frustrating.

At any rate, after leaving the University, I headed to Starbucks, parked in the lot, took out my ATM card and wondered why I was doing so.

“Why am I heading to the ATM ... Do I plan to go to the market this morning?"

I wracked my brain, couldn’t figure out what I needed cash for, but decided to go with the flow, get the cash, figure out why later.

After picking up my regular Venti Coffee, returning to the complex around 11:30 -- starved out of my mind for breakfast, just as I pulled into my parking space and went to turn the ignition off was when I heard myself say to myself …. “Oh Crap! …You forgot the coffee!”

And, of course, I woke up to rain this morning, with more predicted to come.


  1. HA! It sounds like you needed to drink coffee to remember to buy some. I have a system where every errand is written on a separate slip of paper. When I leave the house all the papers go on the "Inbox" (my passenger seat). That way I make sure I don't forget anything.

    1. I generally write my errands and grocery list in a spiral notebook, but college, atm, coffee and a pound didn't seem that involved. Evidently, it was and I'd better start listing everything henceforth.

  2. Shirley, don't you have a Starbucks card? As much as you buy with them, it would pay you to have one because you get nice rewards. Terry is always getting something free because of all the Starbucks that he buys. Today I'm meeting a friend at sTarbucks and I will use the card I carry. It's attached to Terry's account so he gets the points.

    1. You bet I have a card. I don't know what I was thinking, planning to use it for the cup but pay cash for the pound. I must be doing better because, when I finally made it to Starbucks, I used the card for both.

    2. Good, glad to know you have that card. yes,use it to buy beans, that almost the only thing Terry buys here in town at the Starbucks. They usually give him a free cup of coffee while he waits for the beans to be ground. When we travel, he stops at the Starbucks along the route and gets coffee in his traveling mug or a cappuccino. Once a week he works at a volunteer job and will walk across the parking lot to Starbucks and get a sandwich.