Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cats and Dogs

That’s what the weather visited upon this area all day yesterday and, when I woke up this morning it was cats, dogs and the kitchen sink.

I was beginning to think it yet another sign of the apocalypse and that someone should be building an ark when, along about 12:30 it suddenly stopped and the sun actually came up.

About a month shy of completing the needlepoint project begun in May of last year, and running out of a floss color needed for completion, I took advantage of the break in the rain, drove to the craft store in Rancho Cucamonga and, while waiting to check out, spied a selfie stick.

I’ve been wanting one of those for years, had off/on looked at a few online, but was scared off because I didn’t know if my phone would fit and figuring out how to work it looked complicated.

When granddaughter’s two BFFs visited her over the holiday, one had a selfie stick and showed me the ropes.

I ended the lesson feeling confident, saying “I’m getting one” and what do you know, before I could get around to deciding which one to buy, a reasonably priced stick jumped out at the craft store. With a 40% off coupon, the stick and floss, totaled to less than the stick alone.

Now when I take pictures of events here at the complex, I can actually include myself in them.

After the craft store, it was filling up the tank at Costco gas and a plan to get laundry done before the clouds I saw looming over the complex dumped another load on us.

Never made it to the laundry room. Instead, I made the mistake of logging into facebook, where I learned the orange guy held a press conference and, once again, spoke out of both sides of his mouth. What fascinated me was nothing he said, but what others posted about what he said.

I was glued to the puter, laughing at how others worded what they'd gleaned from all the double talk -- fake news is okay when he uses it, but not okay when used against him, funny tweets about blackmail for the having women urinate thing, and how it is he describes himself as being an extreme germaphobe, yet has no qualms about grabbing vajajas.

The comment that struck me funniest was “He lies and lies and lies some more. He even lies about his lies. Lying liar”.

That phrase “lying liar” is going to stay with me.

I took a moment to meditate that his supporters set aside prejudice, self interest, take blinder off and wake up.

I’m still going back and forth about that 70th birthday party. The event is on the 29th so, if I’m not showing up, I should let my friend know by the 27th at least. I’m so not able to make a decision that I looked to my horoscope to decide for me.

It predicted “A fun getaway between January 12th and February 7th.

Interesting, but it had also predicted a huge lottery win last month.

I’m still waiting for that, so I’m not putting much faith in this latest prediction.

At any rate, whether I end up attending or not, my wish for myself is no more party invites, so I'll not have to wrestle with these decisions in future. Invitations to 5Ks, yes. Invitations to meditation sessions, yes. But no more parties.

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